“As humans we cannot begin to perceive of the infinite possibilities the Universe has at its disposal to manifest our desires. The harder we try to control the ‘how’, the more we close ourselves off from receiving the gifts that are coming to us. State your ‘what’ and get out of the way!” ~ Trish Bishop

Yes, that is my quote based on a series of recent events that have brought this concept to my awareness in an entirely new way. I've heard this same idea in many variations before, for example, "Become the CEO of your life, focus on your vision and let the Universe be your Manager of Implementation."

In December of 2008 I channeled a book. In fact, I had 90% of the book written within a 24 hour period. Over the previous months I had heard one of my favorite teachers asking me time and again, "When you call Spirit, Spirit answers. When Spirit calls you, what will you do?" As I sat there with this book pretty much written, and clear messages coming through with regards to how the book should look, how it should be marketed, the fact that it "WAS NOT ABOUT ME", etc. I knew I had to make a decision, and ultimately a commitment one way or the other, and frankly, I could not turn my back on Spirit! So I committed to the process of creating the book and getting it out into the world.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, that commitment meant that I walked away from a very lucrative IT consulting career. Only those people who have written, published and/or been involved in the process of writing and publishing a book can truly appreciate the time, effort and money that goes into such a project. And given the unique nature of this book, it was very difficult to determine up-front exactly what the product costs would be. The quote above came to me as a result of this book production journey. You see, my husband Paul and I are totally operating on faith with this book. Faith that if the Universe has asked us to create this book that the Universe will also provide for us (er, financially!) to ensure we can make it a success.

Well, that sounds easy enough too, I mean, faith is exactly that - faith, and we have absolutely no question about our role in giving birth to this book or its success. But there is a gap between when I walked away from my career and when the book will actually hit the streets. Living in that gap can be a terrifying experience some days!

One area where I have always struggled is in 'receiving' or 'allowing'. For those of you who also struggle with this, you know exactly what I'm talking about! This is a particular area of my spiritual growth that I have worked on, but something (uh, me...) has always continued to hold me back. However, this book is "NOT ABOUT ME" as my Guides continue to tell me. I am simply a vehicle to bring it to fruition. So, by my not "allowing" or "receiving" the monetary and/or other gifts that are coming my way to support me (yes, the faith I mentioned above, in case you missed that bit of irony), then I am, in fact, standing in the way of the success of the book. WOW - talk about in-your-face! Sooo, upon having that 2X4 hit me in the head and truly opening myself up to "allowing" all of a sudden I started receiving gifts of money from loving friends who "just wanted to make sure I'm OK", investors who are saying, "YES, I'm in, and what else can I do to help you?" and other gifts and monies that are just arriving from the most curious places - places I couldn't have made up if I was writing a script for the Twilight Zone!

So, per my quote above, I am humbled to finally comprehend that I truly cannot begin to perceive of the infinite possibilities the Universe has to offer to make my desires manifest. From this point on I am going to focus on my "what" and leave the "how" up to the Universe who is much better at it than I.

My bit of advice - don't spend your time and precious thoughts wondering or worrying about how something will show up once you have clarified your desires. Accept each gift that comes your way and you will quickly begin to see an unimaginable web of events, people and situations that are perfectly aligned to bring you exactly what you asked for. Just remember to sit back and admire the brilliance - and, of course, to always remain in a state of gratitude!

Author's Bio: 

Formerly an IT Consultant designing and implementing global enterprise learning solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, Trish is now an author, Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Coach living on Vancouver Island, BC. With her husband, she operates Choose2Live. Their mission is to: Educate and Inspire People to Wake Up and Consciously Choose2Live!