While growing up, children have very imaginative minds, and one way of expressing their thoughts is through creative play. They come up with a million ideas and games during this phase, all with varying rules and methods. This is not just a fun pastime, as it also imbues innovation into their young minds.

Creative play helps children broaden their minds and allows them to interact with other people better. It is a great way for kids to make friends and feel comfortable in new environments. In addition, it enables them to express themselves more freely and develop social skills. No denying, creative play has its own significance in the growth of children. And on that note, we, at JP International School, one of the Greater Noida Best Schools, would like to share with you a few reasons why we believe creative play should be encouraged among kids:

Indulging in creative play helps fuel the imagination of kids and enables them to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to even the most common of problems. At times, their solutions might not even appear logical to you, but the good thing is that it works as a good exercise for their brain. top 10 schools in greater noida It encourages them to think and explore different dimensions of things and scenarios. This is an essential asset in the present world and can work as the key to a successful and happy life ahead.

  • Increases their social confidence

Creative play helps to open up kids to new and different possibilities. They learn and bond through fun. Naturally, their social skills develop a lot. They learn through trial and error and what to say and not to say to their friends and family, all while having fun. This also helps them learn how to share and play with others, which is crucial for them to build a self-sufficient and helpful mindset.

  • Develops an understanding of other’s perspectives

Creative playing together with other children helps kids learn how to depend on each other and grow together. And a part of growing up is disagreements. While playing, they will have problems, and overcoming these issues together will help your child understand others’ perspectives better.

  • Helps them make friends 

As kids become more comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts with others while playing, they automatically become more comfortable in their skin. As they start to trust each other, friendships are easily formed. This also goes a long way because it helps them grow confident in themselves and their ideas to share with others.

  • Paves the way for parents to understand their kids better

While growing up, children often say or do things that are difficult for parents to understand. That’s where parents can use creative play as a means to read and understand their child’s mind and thought process. It might take a while, but their thoughts and ideas will gradually become more evident with their responses.the best school in greater noida You will thus get to understand your children better. Besides, indulging in creative playing with your kids will also help strengthen the bond between you and your little ones, which will make them trust you even more and help you understand them further.

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We, at JP International School, ranked among the schools in greater noida believe that encouraging children’s imaginations through activities like creative playing helps their minds grow healthier and agile. And as Carl Sagan had said, “Imagination will often take us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” Letting kids participate in creative play activities helps ensure that they grow up to be imaginative and truly unique. Who knows, maybe the next Lewis Carroll or Michael Faraday is right there in your home!