We’re not here to worry, suffer, be sick, depressed, live in fear, be subjugated, live in lack and privation, or feel shame, guilt, regret and undeservedness.

We are here…for life’s most important work...that of being happy.

One with source energy, we are the essence of self-empowerment with

The best brain on the planet to do what needs to be done to benefit all sentient beings including our magnificent mother earth herself,

The unerring knowledge that we were born infinitely worthy,

Free will to create the best conditions and the creative intelligence to manifest it,

The biggest most compassionate loving hearts on the planet to stand up for humanity on every level,

Never-ending hope to keep us moving forward,

Divine inspiration that guides us to know the right thing to do and the grace to do it,

Unbounded faith in divine right outcomes,

And our authentic soul selves, one with All That Is, united in the eternal now moment.

If we can just keep remembering all we have, and all that we are, we will live in the infinitude of joy and gratitude feeling blessed in all things.

And so it is.
Musings of a soul on fire…

Author's Bio: 

Adele Tartaglia, Psychology Today Therapist,
BD Cert Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression,
Developer MBBR, Success Coach, Psycho-Astrology,