If you own two dogs, you have experienced the joy of trying to walk them simultaneously. You probably even started out trying to hold two separate leashes. Maybe you have even given up trying to walk them due to tangled leash problems.

Walking multiple dogs really requires using the right equipment. Fortunately, there are a number of items that makes this easy. Well, at least, easier.

Two and three-way nylon or leather couplers are often easy to find and the choice for many dog owners. This is an item that clips onto a regular leash. The extender has either two or three leashes attached and although length usually ranges from about 1-3 feet in length. Most are adjustable. The nice part about a coupler is that only one leash is needed from the owner, the dogs are kept fairly close together and leashes do not usually get tangled. The downside may be that the shorter extensions can limit mobility for the dogs.

For a little more dog freedom, there are retractable products like the Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable Leash. This retractable leash has two full leashes of different colors with similar colored buttons for control. If the leashes cross, the retractable handle spins to correct the tangle without needing adjustment this link. The handle of this item is also soft and comfortable.

We also found the 2K-9 Double Dog Walker. It works on a swivel for no tangling like the Wigzi, but isn't a retractable leash. This is a hand device that you attach to your two existing leashes. A perfect product for dogs that are too strong for a retractable leash. Many people swear by this product and it is easy to use.

If you happen to be struggling with two rather large dogs, you might also appreciate the shock absorption of an EZ Steps Shock Absorbing Stretch Dual Coupler Leash. This product has a no-tangle swivel and is comfortable to use. The rubber, bungee-like material of this leash saves wear and tear on the arm and gives the dogs some freedom while simultaneously offering a pull-back correction. This may be one of our favorite multi-dog leashes, especially if you have big strong energetic dogs to walk.

Walking two dogs can be accomplished safely and without a struggle if you can find the right equipment. As with many specialty leashes, the type you finally decide on will largely depend on you and your dogs. But, when you find the right leash, walking your furry friends will become increasingly enjoyable. You may even want to go on more walks than ever and your dogs will always love that.

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