It is everywhere. You know the horrible details and allegations. No need to repeat as it’s too disgusting and upsetting.

As a pure side note, here are 2 things I learned from the Penn State scandal.

Number one, the media is perfect. Apparently, every situations they have ever been in, they did the ideal, moral thing. They never panicked, made a poor choice, turned away, ran or simply did not know what to do. They always did what they thought was needed and never neglected to follow-up. Every situation was handled with absolute legal and moral perfection. That is why they feel so justified with their self-righteous comments about a situation that is like a 1000 piece puzzle, 10 of which are actually know and in place.

Secondly, for the rest of us, we have made mistakes. We may have known what to do, but have not always done what was needed. Or may have done it poorly. Or turned our backs. Granted, it may not have been in situations so serious as the Penn State one. Nonetheless, the rest of us are fraught with flaws of omission and commission. And here is where the learning can enter.

Courage is a skill. I do not know if we are born with it, but I do know it can be learned like any other skill. Take any and every opportunity to practice it, from the simple ones to ones which may impact lives. By practicing courage the way one practices a musical instrument or a sport, it becomes part of our psyche, part of us. Eventually, it becomes us and the separation between “me” and “courage” fades. The words blend and now it is habit.

Start today. Now.

Lives may depend on it down the road.

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