Every great home based franchise starts at the beginning. Every great entrepreneur was once a beginner. Every top sales person was once a beginner. Every great athlete was once a beginner. I think that you get the point…everyone starts at the beginning on their journey to their Greatness.

There is this book: “Every Great Chess Player Was Once A Beginner.” The title says it all and although it is obvious that everyone starts someplace, it’s hard to imagine Ryan Howard starting in Little League, or John Elway in Pee Wee football. It’s hard to imagine Bill Gates in his dorm room cooking macaroni and cheese and Opray Winfrey in her very humble beginnings…but they all started as a beginner with no more experience than you or I.

Let’s look at a bit of reality. It’s not naturally easy for me to say or do anything. Yes, I’m successful now, BUT I didn’t start with all of the sales awards that I have plastered on my walls and on my bookshelves. In fact, I had several people tell me that I would never make it as a top sales and marketing person. These same people actually smile and laugh at those memories now…

Here are a few of the insights that drove me to success of my home based franchise:

As a beginner in your home based franchise you have to trust your instinct, you will have to have faith and you have to “BE.”

BE willing to take risks.

Are you Willing and are you Able to be and do whatever it takes for you to achieve the goals you have set for your home based franchise ? Are you willing to make the sometimes tough decisions that will need to be made to take you to where you ultimately dream to be? These are questions that every beginner needs to answer before they begin their journey to their greatness.

BE a constant student.

Please do not think because you achieve success that you can then rest on your heels. The great leaders of today are forever a student. They are learning more, studying their craft at different levels, growing and developing themselves to climb to the next peak of their ever growing mountain.

The greats of today have libraries of books, travel across the country and the world to go to conferences and workshops and invest in themselves as if they are their biggest asset to their success…because they are.

BE a consistent performer.

Always be a person of action. The minute you stop taking action is the minute you will stop moving forward. Persistent action is what makes the greats…great.
BE that person who always includes value.

Without giving value in everything that you do in your home based franchise, you will be put in the 95% corner of any room with the rest of the ordinary people. Offer value and your prospects and customers will see you as the expert, the leader and someone who they will enjoy coming to when they seek solutions to their challenges.

BE friendly and likeable.

Smile, enjoy and always have great fun.

BE passionate about your product or service.

Learn and understand your product inside and out. Understand how your product will be the solution to your prospects and customers challenges. Be the expert of your product. If you do not believe in your product or service, why would you expect anyone else to believe in it as the solution to whatever challenges that they have?

BE a person of consistent follow-up.

The lack of follow-up happens to be one of the biggest reasons of failure in home based franchises and business in general. People give up far too early and far too easily. You never know when the buying time is going to be the correct time for your prospect and customer. By following up with value in a consistent manner…you will be there for their right time in buying.

Your prospect or customers right time may be a week from now, or it may be a year from now. You will never know, unless you are always following up. But here is the key…you are always following up offering something of value to your customer or prospect without asking for anything in return.

It all goes back to people buy from people who they like, know and trust. Build that type of relationship with your prospects and customers by offering value, being the expert and giving without expecting anything in return.

BE willing to dedicate the time it takes to become great.

It goes back to my forever question: Are You Willing… Are you Willing to take the persistent actions that it will take to become Great? Are you Willing to take the time that will be needed to become Great? Most people are overnight successes in their home based franchise only after several years of working on and for their success. Are you Willing to do the things that the Great people do to make themselves Great?

Finally and most importantly you must BELIEVE you can become Great. Your mental strength is more important than your skill and it’s more important than your product knowledge.

Mental strength stems from your attitude, your enthusiasm, and your willingness to work hard…As I say…To do the deal. It can be a challenge, so what? Being challenged is part of Greatness, it is part of the success in your home based franchise and it is a part of life.

Here is the reality of life….rejection is part of the game – all sports have winners and losers. If you can win 30% of the time, you will win awards, make it up on stage and by the way… earn a fortune. But remember, your Great fortune will mean that you will get rejected seven out of ten times. Rejection means nothing more than the timing is not right for a sale…so continue with your valuable follow-up, get used to it and get over it.

So, you may be asking yourself where do you begin becoming Great? By being here with me today you have already begun.

Here are a few more thoughts for you to consider on your journey to Greatness…

Be dedicated. Be dedicated to yourself, to your excellence, to your home based franchise and to your desire to become the best at whatever you do.

Become a product of your product.

Live and be responsible for your outcome and results.

Visit customers often regardless of where your customers are. If you market online…visit your customers via valuable e/mails, call them, ask them for their valuable feedback, mentor or coach for an hour for free.

If you are physically able…work at their place of business for a day, for free. Not only will this strengthen your bond with your customer, think of the knowledge you will gain to be able to serve your customers better in the future.

The bottom line is your Greatness will come from within. Your energy, desire, dedication, action and passion will be the ingredients that will take you to your Greatness.

I wish you Great success in your home based franchise today and always….

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Jen Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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