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Why We Procrastinate?
I’m sure it’s no shock to the great majority of you that people procrastinate at times. Why do we do this? Well, the coaching training in me says that this practice goes a bit beyond laziness. We actually do this because we perceive the act of doing the action or the resulting feeling of doing the action as more painful than not doing it and leaving it alone. Either that, or we just don’t see enough value in what we are doing. Before setting out to accomplish any task, it’s so important to find out your “Why??” as in, “Why are you doing this to begin with?” Bottom line: If people don’t have a strong enough reason to put consistent effort into something...guess what….they aren’t going to continue taking action on it and doing it for very long.

What We See…
When we have any goal in front of us, we sometimes may see it as a great mountain that we have to climb and it can make us so nervous or may seem like such a huge task that we may end up putting off just getting started. My good friend, Jennifer Wilkov, publishing consultant and author of such books as Dating Your Money, pointed out something great and very important about the field of book publishing, but whose principles can be applied to any area of life. She mentioned: Too many times, I see authors stop three feet from gold. Even the Chicken Soup for the Soul® guys (Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen) took 18 months to become bestsellers with their first book. They then went on to become Guinness world record holders for multiple millions of books sold. But it didn’t happen in a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Getting It Done
The way to get it done is to streamline and manage the whole process of how you plan to go about getting your goal accomplished, and to create an environment of patience, organization, action and results.

What’s Stopping You?
So I ask you….What’s stopping you from going after that goal you said was important to you? All good things take time but it’s important to get started on that goal and to start where you are (theres that ACTION word again)!

Final Words
So figure out why you want to achieve something, make the need for having it so great and keep firm on the idea that with dedication to the goal, and working smart, you will achieve it!

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