Gut feelings, or intuition as they are often referred to by most women, can be thought of as those feelings that are based on subconscious reasoning.
Making the process more of a conscious activity will allow you to make even better decisions.
The following tips are to help you get the most out of what is taking place in your mind.

Making the Most of Your Gut Feelings
Admitting Intuition - You can only analyze and control your thoughts and behaviors when you are truly aware of them.
Many people cannot get the most out of gut feelings because they won't admit to themselves that they're making decisions without consciously considering the facts.
Whenever I had what I thought was a gut feeling, I made the decision as I normally would. Then I would compare the decision and outcome to that of my gut feeling. My gut was usually right. That’s how I learned to recognize it.
This type of autopilot thinking is common and can even be beneficial for your life at the right moments.

Ignoring the Intuition Vs. Gut Feeling Debate - Just because men and women think of gut feelings or intuition as being their own respective decision making gifts doesn't mean that one or the other is better at subconscious reasoning.
Even in terms of awareness of subconscious processes there can be great variance from one person to the next.

Gaining Gut Feelings From Regular Activities - The more time you spend doing something, the more effortlessly your brain can seemingly operate while performing such tasks. So you may be able to make excellent decisions revolving around regular activities without giving them much conscious thought.

Practicing Quick Decisions - As you go through life each day, practice considering your options and making quick decisions.
The more clear and decisive your conscious decision making process is, the better your intuitive decision making will become when making ordinary decisions.

Practicing Empathetic Thinking - If you want to make quick reads of people, you have to practice putting yourself in their shoes. In other words, try to see and feel things through the perspectives of others on a regular basis.

Analyzing Your Emotions - Your emotions will control you unless you question them. Consider carefully why you feel the way you do and whether it is reasonable.

Knowing Your Limits - Your gut feelings may provide decisive benefits, but they also conveniently conform to all of your biases. You should not use intuition as a means of making decisions that require careful deliberation.

Knowing When to Go With Your Gut Feelings
Building Relationships - For those who regularly build new relationships, gut feelings about who will make a good friend are right more often than not.

Stating Opinions - When you get a nagging feeling that you shouldn't say something to someone, you usually end up being right. So you shouldn't ignore this feeling.

Making Major Purchases - If you have a negative feeling about a major purchase, you should stop and give yourself more time to consider. If you have a positive feeling, you should stop and consider whether your primary motivation for the purchase is a feeling or a composite of the cost-benefit facts.

Framing Fear in the Present - Phobias may be thought of as a form of intuition gone wrong. Whenever you feel sudden, unexplainable fear about a present situation, you need to question whether this fear is rational to be headed or irrational to be ignored.
Take note that unlikely, terrible consequences are often the thoughts coming out of phobias.

Recognizing the Difference Between Intuition and Conscience - When you try to rationalize something you know is wrong, you'll likely get a negative gut feeling. However, you can also feel bad about you're doing for a variety of reasons that go beyond right and wrong.

Gut feelings, or intuition, can be powerful tools for making quick decisions. We all use them to varying degrees, but it is our awareness of them that empowers us to make better decisions.

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Lea Bullen is a certified life coach and conscious living advocate who is passionate about helping people gain more control and enjoy their lives.

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