Business sustainability & growth can be attributed to smart marketing and sales strategies. The ability of businesses to innovate helps reach the target market or audience, and drive better sales. It’s time to consider the potential of QR codes integrated with inventive and unique technology like online video conferencing software.
Not only do QR codes enhance marketing campaigns, but they also influence business growth.
QR codes were initially developed to ease the pressure of supermarket cashiers based on inventory management. Their square shape was designed for devices to read both the orientations viz. horizontal and vertical. This meant, QR codes could hold an array of information. With QR codes going beyond inventory management, business owners adopted Quick Response Codes to facilitate quick business access, brand awareness, strengthen marketing campaigns, and boost sales.
With work from home being the new norm, video conferencing software has witnessed a significant upcurve in its adoption level. Video conferencing makes it easier for businesses to engage their client, customers, and promote social distancing through conferencing technology. Furthermore, QR codes when integrated with video conferencing applications make it easier for businesses and customers to communicate and collaborate easier, better, and safer.

Business sectors that can leverage the integration of QR codes with video conferencing platforms are –

• AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)
• Restaurants
• Café’s
• Grocery Stores
• Malls
• Real-estate
• Education
• Healthcare
As business boundaries move from office spaces to devices in the palm of a hand, it is crucial for business owners to get their very own QR code through online video conferencing software.
AEC industries can leverage this collaboration between design and construction teams wherein a QR code can be placed at construction sites for onsite personnel to start or join a meeting. This reduces construction time, mitigates rework, and saves on cost. With complete collaboration between various construction teams, project stakeholders stay on the same page to make quick & informed decisions.
How can the AEC industry leverage video conference?
The AEC industry can leverage the integration of QR codes with video conferencing through -
• HD audio & video conferencing between a large group of meeting participants
• Greater meeting duration limit for AEC companies to facilitate various collaboration meetings
• Customized & secure meeting ID for every meeting participant
• Automated Meeting Minutes through transcripts
• Agenda-based meetings for a focused conferencing experience
• Breakout rooms to manage large meetings into smaller ones
• Using whiteboard presentations to make meetings more engaging and productive
• Upload, present, and annotate 2D drawings, construction documents, etc.
QR codes make it extremely easy for dispersed design and construction teams to connect via video conferencing and begin true collaboration.
How can restaurants or café’s leverage a video conference?
The restaurant and café business can leverage the integration of QR codes with video conferencing through -
As social distancing has become mandatory for the safety of employees and customers, the restaurant business needs video conferencing solutions. Restaurant and cafe owners can sign-up on video-conferencing platforms and get their QR code printed and published on standees outside their restaurants and cafés. When customers need to order food, they can scan the restaurant QR code to begin a video conference with restaurant managers or owners to –
• Order food in real-time
• Have a look at the menu through screen-sharing or menu uploads in the form of a presentation
• Annotate and mark menu items to place an order
• Record the complete conversation for future review
• Pay money digitally through various payment channels to avoid contact
Restaurant owners can create a video portfolio of their restaurant and food items and share their video links securely to customers for business branding and sales. Restaurant owners can leverage the power of QR codes to keep their employees safe and grow their business.
How can the Real-Estate agent leverage video conference?
Real-estate can leverage the integration of QR codes with video conferencing with these tools and features –
• Picture your buyers in the property with multiple meeting participants
• Easily manage your meetings and potential buyers with a robust administration portal
• Use a secure and customized meeting ID for an easy-to-use, quick to join, and reliable virtual conferencing experience
• Check-in with teams or groups to check on team performance, and get team members close together
• Run a team activity log or spreadsheet for everyone to review and ensure meeting accuracy
• List each member of the team as a separate item to review business generation activities to report lead generation contracts, buyer consultation appointments, signed agreements, closings, and more
• Present your virtual tour with realty images, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, etc. for greater buyer clarity
• Make team meetings more productive & efficient by uploading important files like spreadsheets, docs, PPT’s, and more
• Record your presentations in high-definition video and audio for teams and buyers to review as it was delivered
• Explain things more clearly to buyers and teams with engaging whiteboard annotation capabilities
• Make it easy for your buyers and teams by leveraging features like taking notes & feedback
• Upload and annotate various realty documents to emphasize content for quick decisions and actions
• Record your whiteboard presentation for your teams and buyers for future review
• Hold live video sessions on social media platforms to promote an investment strategy or property
• Enhance your selling experience by promoting realty on video channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
• Let your customers do the bragging for you by sharing customer testimonial videos, follow-up videos, neighborhood tours, drone and property tours, realtor profile videos, and more
• Enhance your selling pitch by sharing trainer videos with in-house teams for internal training & sales enhancement
• Leverage seeing and believing as the most effective way to boost your sales pitch
• Securely share your presentation, charts, docs, and more to keep your team and buyers engaged
• Single out speech highlights & gain meeting interest by engaging all the participants involved in the meeting
• In-depth property demonstrations enable property agents to go hands-on for better realty understanding

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Wrapping it up
The video conferencing industry will continue to show an exponential upcurve with various processes and technology integrations driving businesses and facilitating workforce safety. The integration of QR codes with video conferencing platforms is the next step of making business to customer/client communication & collaboration easier, better, safer, and efficient.