Before you think to travel to Paris, Switzerland, Bordeaux or Quebec, you absolutely need to learn basic French phrases. Without these common sentences and words, you will be lost and frustrated.

There are sentences and words that you will use every single day. Let's start to learn them, because life will be extremely hard if you chose to ignore this lesson and travel to a French speaking country.

We will start with the most common words because it's easier, and then, we will learn basic French phrases...

1. Most common words in French (and any other foreign language)

Note: I will write the English word first, and then, translate it in French.

1 - Yes = Oui
2 - No = Non
3 – Ok = D'accord (Note that French say OK as well!)
4 – Why = Pourquoi
5 – Where = Ou
6 – How = Comment
7 – Thanks = Merci
8 – How much = Combien
9 – Hotel = Hotel
10 – Room = Chambre

2. Three Must Know French Phrases

Note: I will write the English word first, and then, translate it in French.

These are four sentences that you will use every single day.

1 - Good Morning! How are you? = Bonjour! Comment allez – vous?

2 - I'm fine thank you = Je vais bien, merci.

3 – Do you speak French? = Parlez-vous Français?

4 – Where are you from? = De quel pays venez vous?

As you can see, these French words and sentences are essential if you want to travel to France or any other French speaking country. No need to say that you will not be able to live in France without those...

To learn basic French phrases with a French native speaker is your best option. However, there is no harm to learn with a Canadian or even a English native if he is fluent.

Learning from home is another option, and after all, you can quickly learn these essential sentences before you decide to travel to Paris!

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