With all the excitement of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games taking place, I was just wondering…if we held an Olympics for leaders, based on personal characteristics and traits, could you bring home the GOLD?

I define a leader as anyone who is in the position to guide, oversee, direct, or supervise others. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a major corporation, a small business owner, or a housewife participating in a social organization…at one tome or another, you will be looked to for your leadership.

As the Olympians courageously test their skills in their sport, competing against others worldwide, it’s hard to imagine what sacrifices and emotions it has taken to get where they are. Comparatively, as leaders some of the same traits that Olympians possess, are tested right in our roles too…on a daily basis. Sometimes one of the hardest things for any of us to do is to see ourselves as others perceive us. Read on and complete the Going for Gold Leadership Self-Evaluation. Even those who aspire to be in a leadership position in the future can benefit from taking this survey and begin working on areas where additional training is needed.

If you think about it, regardless of our leadership position, don’t we all experience the similar pains in our roles? Aren’t all of us experiencing the trials of getting others ‘to follow plans’ that are laid before them and ‘pursing the goals to completion’? If one of our ultimate objectives is to have people believe in our organization, demonstrate support for the end result, and produce at a higher quality or volume…then what skill sets should successful leaders possess?

What if you were the best at what you did in the entire world? What would it feel like? To me, that’s an exhilarating thought! Just like the Olympians practice relentlessly for years to accomplish their goals…how much practice or thought do you give to traits that will make you a better leader? In order to succeed at the top level, let’s look at some of the characteristics and traits one must strive toward in this SELF-EVALUATION.

1 = totally underdeveloped trait ~ 5 = exceeds expectations

AMBITION desire for rank, fame, or power to achieve a
particular end 1 2 3 4 5

COURAGE willingness to take a stand and accepts risks to 1 2 3 4 5
meet the goals

EXPERIENCE savvy about the workings of the organization 1 2 3 4 5
so goals can be accomplished

FLEXIBILITY can change a planned activity as situation deems 1 2 3 4 5

OPTIMIST views the glass of life “half-full” 1 2 3 4 5

PERSERVERENCE sticking with the plan and regardless of 1 2 3 4 5
setbacks to make progress to the goal
SELF-TALKER verbiage stated to ones self viewing situations 1 2 3 4 5
in a constructive, upbeat light

TEAM PLAYER able to be one of many and accept group results 1 2 3 4 5

TEMPERMENT calm and rational in tense situations, showing 1 2 3 4 5
grace under fire

VISION promotes large goals for the organization 1 2 3 4 5
and/or self and takes steps to fulfill them
For your final standing, add up your total points and divide by 10 and see if you land on the medal platform.

0-10 points “Some of us will do our job well and some will not, but we will all
be judged on one thing: the results.” Vince Lombardi

11-20 points Mental toughness will pay off. Hard work is the price paid to
achieve any worthwhile goal.

21–30 points BRONZE medal showing. Continue to improve on the details where
your performance can grow. Keep up the hard work!

31–40 points SILVER medal performance. WAY TO GO! You are very focused.
Remember: water boils at 212 degrees…you’re at 211 degrees.
Turn up the heat and you’ll be #1 soon.

41-50 points GOLD medal leadership qualities. Your perseverance has really paid
off. Where you go…others want to follow. CONGRATULATIONS!

Author's Bio: 

Karen Phillips is a true leader and inspires her audiences and clients to be empowered, despite the challenges they may face. She is a positive example for others, as she has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 27 years while maintaining a “can-do” attitude throughout her life. With 30 years in the area of education, from the fields of health, physical education and reading, to a school building principal, she has been afforded years of interpersonal effectiveness and public speaking. She was recognized on the national level as a Teacher of the Year finalist which led to multiple opportunities as a speaker at national, regional and state conferences. Karen has had the opportunity to lead and learn from individuals with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and motivation. Since retiring from education, Karen is now a certified motivation and leadership coach, author, and speaker. She speaks from experience and handles adversity on a daily basis. Her background experience, creativity, and outlook on life are inspirational and she challenges her audiences to strive for their personal best. She is a featured author in the following books entitled, Discover Your Inner Strength and Life Choices ~ Navigating Difficult Paths.

You can contact Karen at:
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