Perhaps you have found yourself saying things in one conversation that are positively focused in reference to the things you desire and, then entered into another conversation on the same day or even later in that week where you made statements not in alignment with what you stated as your desires. What exactly does this all mean? What is alignment when you're talking about desires and what does that have to do with conversations? Here's an example; you’re at a family get together with some family friends and neighbors in attendance. You start socializing and get into various conversations with others. In one conversation a group of people are talking about the financial state of the country and how that’s affecting them and you say that you want more money or you wish that things would loosen up in regard to your finances. Then you state how nice it would be to have money in the bank and to be worry free in regard to your finances and not be impacted by the country’s financial state. These are all good things in relation to money because you are focused on what you want. Then you walk away from that conversation and join another conversation where they’re talking about how they’ve tried being optimistic about their financial state and think positive about it. You begin to talk to them about how bad things are with regard to your money and how this positive thinking stuff doesn't work because you've been saying affirmations regarding money for the longest time and that doesn't seem to be changing the situation for the better. Saying that you want a change and then speaking about the current state of what you want to change brings your focus back to how bad things are currently in that regard. Unfortunately, we have been programmed to focus the majority of our attention on the negatives in our lives. If you want a change for the better you have to focus on and maintain the focus on the “better” and, that includes your conversations and the language you use about the topic.

So now you might be wondering well how do I manage that when others are engrossed in conversations about how bad things are in this or any other regard? We have many idioms in our language that don’t serve us at all. One that comes to mind here is, “if you can’t beat them, join them” and I would highly advise against joining them. Think about it, in a room full of people there has to be at least one conversation that you can join that is focused on the positives in life. It would be like shopping around for the best conversation and joining that one. Steer clear of those conversations that use language that goes against what you wish to create or change for the better. If there are none occurring at that event then try to use language that supports your desires. Say things like, “I would like to think that things are getting better and better each day.” “When I look at how things have gone for me in my past, I see the evidence of how things have always turned around for the better.” “I’m looking forward to the day when I have more money in the bank and can use that money in pursuit of the better things in life.” If they ask you how you can say and possibly believe those things in light of current conditions you can let them know that you have decided that regardless of how things are, you can either focus on the negatives and be miserable along with everyone else or focus on the positives and be happy despite the current conditions. Even if they don’t change, wouldn’t it be better to be happy than sad? If you’re talking about what you don’t want and expecting to get what you want, how can you really expect your desires to unfold before you? You may miss opportunities to change things for the better because your thoughts, conversations and actions all need to be in alignment with that which you desire.

Try this one week and do it one day at a time. Monitor the language you use in conversations in relation to what you’re wanting. You will start seeing evidence of your particular situation improving in that regard and be amazed at how things just start flowing in a positive way.

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Ingrid Geronimo is an intuitive entrepreneur who has been in business for over one year however, her experience doesn’t start there. Ingrid has worked in Corporate America as a Business Analyst for over twenty-five years and embarked on her spiritual journey when she left home at age eighteen. When she left home, she had already experienced full membership in at least five major religions as a result of her quest to find the spiritual truths of the universe. She was a voracious reader of metaphysical principles from the age of eighteen.

While working in Corporate America, like many others she found herself unemployed and no longer content to let the current climate dictate the course of her life. It was then that she experienced a moment that changed the course of her life when two dragonflies got her attention during a supermarket trip. The experience with the dragonflies is one she relays in her classes as a part of her story to what led her to you. The message they brought her was clear; that it was time to share the wisdom she had acquired over many lifetimes. It was time for her to fulfill on the purpose she came to fulfill this lifetime; to help others awaken to their truths and to teach how easy life is when you understand the Law of Attraction and how to powerfully manifest your desires. If you have an opportunity to work with Ingrid in any way, you will surely be captivated by her magic. For more about Ingrid visit