Treating gum disease as soon and properly as feasible is critical to preventing further issues. Still, depending on the severity of the gum disease, surgical treatment choices can be uncomfortable or painful. As a result, it is natural for many patients to be anxious or even avoid seeking treatment for gum disease entirely due to the prospect of having to undergo unpleasant surgery.

Patients who are apprehensive about gum disease surgery have another choice. The Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is not only a highly efficient gum disease treatment option, but it is also significantly less invasive and uncomfortable, resulting in a faster recovery period. Licensed periodontists can use LANAP to effectively treat moderate to severe gum disease.

Are you curious if LANAP is a good fit for you? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this novel surgery to help you decide whether or not to pursue therapy.

What is Laser Periodontal Treatment?
Laser periodontal treatment is a procedure in which a powerful but small laser is used to eliminate inflammatory tissue. Lasers can discriminate between healthy and diseased tissue because diseased tissue is typically darker. As a result, the laser can quickly and precisely eradicate diseased gums. It also helps to sterilize the area, potentially preventing future gum disease or infection. After the laser is administered to the infected gums, healthy gum tissue can regenerate in many cases, improving gum stability and preventing tooth loss.

The treatment is fairly short, requiring just one or two appointment visits.

Laser Periodontal Treatment Pros
Many people choose LANAP as an alternative to regular gum disease surgery because it provides various benefits. Some of the benefits of laser gum treatment include:
- It’s Effective – LANAP is particularly successful in treating moderate to severe gum disease. It is also quite effective in targeting infected tissue. As a result, LANAP preserves your healthy gums, considerably lowering the risk of tooth loss. In severe circumstances, LANAP may be used in conjunction with other therapy approaches.
- Less Pain – Since laser treatments are less invasive than gum flap surgery, you should have substantially less pain. While you may feel some slight discomfort during the operation, your periodontist may provide a local anesthetic to alleviate it.
- Shorter Recovery – Recovery from gum flap surgery can take two to four weeks. Because LANAP does not require an incision, you should be able to resume your typical activities within a few days. A shorter recovery time also reduces the risk of infection after surgery.
- It Won’t Impact Your Bite Or Smile – Because there are no incisions, you will not have to deal with stitches or bleeding following laser therapy, which will have no effect on your bite or smile. You'll feel like yourself again in no time.

Laser Periodontal Treatment Cons
There may be occasions where LANAP is not the best option for treating your gum condition. While most patients are eligible for the operation, their periodontist may prescribe another treatment choice. Below are some of the disadvantages of laser periodontal therapy.
- Some Cases May Be Too Severe – If you have severe gum disease, LANAP may not be the best treatment option. If this is the case, your periodontist may propose a surgical surgery or combine LANAP with another treatment approach.
- Not All Periodontists Offer It – Not all periodontists offer LANAP treatment since it necessitates additional certifications and training. As a result, you may need to hunt for a provider.
- It Can Be Expensive – Laser periodontal therapy can be costly when paid for out of pocket. Fortunately, many insurance policies cover all or some of the expenditures. If your insurance company does not cover the surgery, you and your periodontist may be able to figure out a payment plan.

Overall, laser periodontal treatment is an extremely successful method of treating gum disease while minimizing discomfort and bleeding and shortening recovery time. Most patients qualify for LANAP, so if you're interested, speak with your periodontist.

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