I was contemplating what could I write that would reach people and help them to get them started toward the path of life that best suits them and those connected to them.

Here is what came to me,

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”

When we meet others and purpose is sensed it says without words, “this is what I am about and anything different is not where I am going”. That person’s sense of purpose causes us to respect their time, possessions, and their attention. We may even want to be associated with them because we ache for our own purpose.
Soon, if we do not transition to our own purpose and make a change we will began to have contempt for those who do.

It is when we do not perceive a purpose in those we deal with that we began to behave in a way that will lead to abuse because there is nothing to check our behavior and no fear of loss. This many times causes abuse to those we care about.

The abuse does not start out intentionally. We do little things to test the strength of the relationship. As we are allowed to get away with small insults the abuse grows from there. This behavior grows like a weed which feeds on taking life from what is around it. We all know that weeds take no cultivation to grow. This will eventually ruin the relationship that started as something we admired.

So how do we prevent or stop this? The answer is having a purpose and direction for our own life. This causes us to cherish the purpose of another because we understand our commonality of being on a journey of growth and accomplishment.

Another benefit of having your own purpose is that others will be attracted to who you are and who you are becoming. Not because it is motivated by them but because you are being true to yourself. You become an example of what they should do as well for themselves.

The relationships you engender thereafter will become stronger based on the reality of who you are and not the frustration of what you are not. It is always better to come from a position of gratefulness not by knowing what you lack but by admitting that what you begin with is just that; a start.

Without purpose you waste the best asset you have at your disposal. That asset is time. Happiness is many times not the accomplishment of a goal but the thrill of making the effort in the journey to reach for something of meaning. You may say, “I’m not sure what I want or I don’t have time to find out what it is I want”. Consider this? Even placing effort searching for the answer to one of these questions will begin to give a purpose for your life, bring meaning to your day, and certainly increase appreciation and decrease abuse to others and most of all yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Vonzel Sawyer is a life coach, minister, husband and philosopher (father of five and grandfather of eight) who believes that combining wisdom with practical application allows a person to be both maxamized and magnified. When combined this becomes the power of what I call a Maxafication-ized life