It’s no secret that the world is currently in a state of turmoil. Natural disasters, a worldwide pandemic, and economic turmoil surround us. Being surrounded by this negativity and sadness is enough to bring anyone down. No wonder hundreds of millions of people around the world feel as if they don’t have any control over their lives and don’t like the choices that are presented to them. Kyle C. Becker, author of Your Power to Change, has devoted the rest of his life to helping those people find hope and joy and prosperity in their lives.

Kyle C. Becker

In his groundbreaking new book, Kyle Becker speaks to the importance of living life deliberately and intentionally, rather than just taking what life gives you. This can empower those experiencing depression to reroute their lives and move towards a more positive future. Throughout Your Power to Change, Becker walks his readers through the creation and implementation of their ideal self.

In chapter seven, Becker helps his readers uncover their 10 most wanted traits and behaviors. By digging deeply into themselves, they can discover who they truly want to be. These principles can also be applied to children, empowering parents to raise more self-aware children with positive behaviors.

Once those wanted traits are established, chapter eight of Your Power to Change shows the reader how to embody those traits. Becker walks the reader through a simple process of fully embracing and internalizing the wanted traits more often, and systematically weeding out their unwanted traits.

This inspirational guidance is all based in Kyle Becker’s firm belief that you can have anything you want out of life. In addition, he believes that life will throw whatever it wants at you, unless you are clear and purposeful about what you are looking to achieve. Your Power to Change helps the reader create an impactful morning and evening routine that will empower them to live their life on a more intentional basis. By integrating this routine into your life, you’ll be the person you want to be in more moments of your life.

Fully embodying your ideal self is one of the core messages that Kyle Becker writes about in Your Power to Change. This book helps you develop a heightened level of self-awareness in almost every aspect of your life, including: beliefs, fears, thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions, behaviors, and habits. Once this self-awareness is established, Your Power to Change gives you the tools you need to become the master of them. 

Next, Becker helps you develop an understanding of what really matters to you in life. By reflecting on what’s most important to you, you can prioritize them to make every aspect of your life as ideal as possible. Your Power to Change then walks you through a system designed to help you live those ideals in every area of your life. 

Kyle is quickly becoming a thought leader in the self-help community. He’ll be the first to tell you that the majority of the techniques he shares in Your Power to Change are ones he’s already used to improve his life. In addition to benefiting Becker himself, these techniques have been used by millions of people worldwide to help them create better lives. Kyle emphasizes that the truth has always been the truth, and it’s his life passion to help as many people as possible find it in their lives.

With endless turmoil surrounding us, it’s easy to succumb to our current circumstances and live a life of quiet desperation. But for those who strive to overcome the difficulties in life, Kyle Becker’s book is one of the best resources out there. By reading Your Power to Change, you’ll be able to transform your day-to-day life into a wondrous adventure, freeing you to become the best version of yourself. 

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