How well do you really know your spirit? How well do you value your beliefs and your mindset?
I know you want to build a successful coaching business and I know you want to do it in a successful manner, now. Before that can happen however, there are a few items that need to be put into place. And when I say this I am not talking about your website or opt-in box. That’s the practical stuff and clearly it’s important but first things first.
Let me explain. You must know the WHY of your business. Have you given this piece any thought at all? WHY are you putting your precious time, energy and money into building this company?
• To pay for college
• To save for your retirement/nest egg
• To pay off debt
• To give to charity
• To leave a legacy
• To buy a fancy car
• To buy expense clothing
• To travel around the world
These are just some examples. You may have other reasons for why you want to grow a successful business. And when I say ‘successful’ I mean a high 5 or 6 figure business and beyond.
Who is your target audience? Who are the people you love to work with? This may be part of your WHY. This is vital because you must have a true passion for the people you chose to work with. Your heart must be clear about who you wish to serve.
I know I preach a lot about having a solid, working niche but there is more to it than the numbers. Yes, you must do your research and be sure your niche is viable but it doesn’t end with that. This must be a group/tribe/audience that is a joy to work with, that fits with your values and passion. You also need to ask yourself “Does this group want what I have to offer and are they willing to pay for it?”
I ask you to sit with paper and pen and write a list. I’d like you to really think this through carefully and thoughtfully. It will serve you well if you take the time right now.
• Why do you want to build your business? What is the purpose?
• Why are you working with the group of people you have chosen to work with?
• Why is this group important to you?

It’s just four simple questions but they carry a lot of weight. They are worth your time and energy to be sure you are on the right path. Without these answers it will be more difficult when it comes time to begin the concrete and practical steps it takes to build a successful business that bring you joy and puts money into your bank account.

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