You've got to create a dream. You've got to uphold the dream.
If you can't, go back to the factory or go back to the desk.
--Eric Burdon
Way back when, back when I made a decision to go into the “people helping” business as a profession, I had a dream. I formulated the dream through guided study and guided reflection.
The first ad I put together for my new business revolved around the “Create a dream” theory and then making it happen.
I believe as much today as I did back then; as Burdon states, create and uphold (make it happen) the dream or go back to the factory or something mundane and get to work on creating!
We develop goals, priorities, and action steps. We feel energized and ready to move full speed ahead. But midway, as our momentum picks up, new thoughts enter our mind. Do I really want this? What if it creates new problems for me? If I reach this goal, I'll have nothing to look forward to. Do you recognize these thoughts?
Not “going for it” is crippling. These thoughts are the ego's way of looking for obstacles. We acknowledge the doubts and then quickly cast them aside and move forward with complete conviction, like a warrior. If the goal still feels right, we keep moving ahead. We know in our hearts that doing what we believe in keeps us on the right path.
Many need a place to be heard; a place where someone who is non-judgemental will listen to our dreams and probe. If the dream is still alive, we need a plan and most important, we need to be encouraged as we hit walls and need to be held accountable for our progress. I can tell you, I needed these things.
So when are you going to crystallize your dream, externalize and vent it then move into action? Want an hour of “sounding board” at no risk or cost? We’re here. ( or

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A Master Certified Life Coach coaching intelligent people who invest in themselves.