One of the common problems faced by diabetic patients in today’s modern age is denial. Many people are simply not ready to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, while others don’t take the disease seriously. Denial is often a way for people to cope with the stress that occurs due to a chronic illness. However, accepting the diagnosis is the first step to an effective treatment for any chronic health problem.
If the denial reaches a point where the patient shows careless behavior and sticks to a sedentary lifestyle, the symptoms can turn into a life-threatening condition since diabetes is associated with cardiovascular, kidney, foot, and eye problems.

So, What Exactly is the Diabetes Denial?

Not every diabetic patient visits a diabetes center in Navi Mumbai, India to get the best treatment for this chronic health disease. Accepting the diagnosis and taking proper steps to keep your blood sugar levels under control is important for any diabetic patient. Regular appointments and the monitoring of your blood sugar levels will prevent the risk of diabetic complications.

The problem with diabetic patients is that these people are ten times more likely to get their feet and toe removed than others. Symptoms might be hard to identify at first. For example, changes in appetite, excess urination, and fatigue do not really suggest a serious health disease. These are often mistaken for the common issues due to exhaustion and stress from work.

Type 2 diabetes can turn out to be life-threatening if it is left untreated and unmanaged for long. The study estimated that untreated diabetes could cause up to 169 amputations, 530 heart strokes, and more than 2,000 heart failures a week.

Young People are also at High Risk

Young patients are also at greater risk of denial. The problem with these patients is that they assume that there is only a little bit of sugar in their blood, which can be totally controlled with prescription drugs. Sure, the pills recommended by a diabetologist will keep your sugar level in control, but it is important to know that diabetes is diabetes - whether you have high or low sugar levels in your blood.

What are the Signs of Diabetes Denial?

If someone suffering from diabetes keeps avoiding their symptoms or putting off the checkup, chances are they are in the denial phase. People start convincing themselves that a few bites of sugary food or unhealthy eating a few times a week are totally alright. Similarly, not going to the blood sugar doctor in Navi Mumbai for the sugar level monitoring shows the patient’s carelessness.

The more you delay the checkup, the higher the risk gets. The patient is also likely to believe that since they are taking the oral medications only, their disease is not serious. These patients keep following the sedentary lifestyle - unhealthy eating, excess consumption of sugary food and beverages, and not monitoring the glucose levels.

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