The reason why children look for caregivers for the parents suffering from dementia is the stubbornness. Parents are highly likely to resist care when they are suffering from dementia. Every child wants to give the best care to their parents at home, but it gets pretty challenging for children to offer care when their parents are diagnosed with dementia. Dementia brings with it a set of challenges, including cognitive and behavioral changes.

Although dementia treatment in Pune is available for the patients, your parents might be hesitant to get the treatment. As a caregiver, it’s important that you understand the disease first. The symptoms of dementia grow worse with time. How long the patient lives depends on the severity of the condition. The average life expectancy of people with dementia is between 4 and 8 years, although some people could live longer and up to two decades.

Dementia Care

The physical needs of the patient are catered by the physician, but you are supposed to address the behavioral changes. The changes in the behavior are noticeable as the disease progresses. It’s your responsibility to make your home a safe place for your loved ones because the chances of slip accidents are higher in people suffering from dementia. Here are a few in-home care tips:

Make Your Home Safe for the Elders

Start with your property first. You can’t watch your parents 24 hours, so the best you can do is provide them with a safe place. Knowing that your home is safe and has no barriers that could pose a risk for the patient will give you peace of mind. Check your basement, workshop, garage and exteriors, and throw any sharp object or a harmful chemical.

Get a curbless shower for your parents. The walk-in shower offers a high level of convenience to your loved ones. Additionally, you must have well-lit rooms and pathways to prevent accidents.

Coping with the Stress

Taking care of a patient at home is not easy, especially when the person is resisting care. The stress is natural. It isn’t only the care-giving stress, but you live in the constant fear of losing your loved one. The stress becomes big trouble as the disease progresses and care-giving becomes a real struggle.

To avoid getting overwhelmed with all the stress and negativity, consider taking small breaks. Keep reminding yourself that everything is not in your control. You must also seek support and help from your family and friends.

Get Outside Help

Caregiving is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, you may put in your best effort, but end up failing. There are times when in-home care may not suffice and it becomes mandatory to seek outside help. Do not wait for the condition to get worse, as the last thing you want is to lose your loved one to dementia.

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