Are you feeling frustrated because of no success achieved in getting pregnant despite extensive efforts? Well, it is quite natural.

The inability to get conceived is one of the dreadful experiences in life. Thanks to the advancement that happened in medical science; there are effective methods that can bring a smile on the faces of childless couples.
IVF, ICSI, IUI; the terms look scary and strange, but they aren’t.

Like every case of infertility is different, the treatment plan is also different.

Once an expert infertility specialist at Thanawala Maternity Home &IVf Clinicunderstands the probable cause of infertility, he selects one of these alternative methods to resolve your problem.

IVF or In-vitro Fertilization
Phases and cycles
It is a method suitable in cases where the female is capable of producing healthy eggs.

Infertility specialists stimulate the ovaries to produce mature eggs of good quality by using fertility drugs. After retrieving the ovaries, doctors take the sperm from the partner (or a donor as the case may be).

The egg and the sperm are placed in a special dish where the fertilization happens. The fertilized eggs are monitored to confirm the signs of fertilization.

Amongst the embryos, the best one is chosen and placed into the uterus to implant. The grows in the womb in the usual way.

When infertility is caused because something is preventing the sperms from fertilizing the egg, IVF treatment is incredibly useful, e.g., fallopian tube blockage or unexplained infertility.

Since multiple embryos are there, the couple can preserve the embryo for further treatment cycles.

Phases and cycles
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is the advanced method than IVF.

Here, the infertility expert doesn’t carry out the fertilization process in the laboratory. Instead, a healthy sperm is chosen and injected directly into the egg to fertilize.

This method avoids the inherent risks associated with the fertilization happening in the lab.

ICSI is quite useful when the male partner has sperm problems. Since the sperms are injected directly into the uterus, it bypasses the stages of early fertilization.

Even if sperm quality or mobility is low, it is possible to achieve fertilization using the ICSI method.

Which is better?
As mentioned above, it is not possible to compare these methods as their approach is different. Also, they are appropriate for a particular type of infertility problem.
Infertility expert such as Dr. Uday Thanawala considers factors such as medical history, response to the previous cycles of treatment and age to determine the suitability of the treatment method.

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