Kindness involves the quality of being warm-hearted, considerate, compassionate and gracious. It is the willingness to do good, kindly acts to help others in need.

The source of kindness is an inherent benevolent nature that expresses sympathy and gentleness toward others. It comes naturally from an open heart that is concerned for the well being of others.

We express kindness when we are considerate of others. This is a conscious act where we let go of the ego and express our Divine nature through kindness to another, expecting nothing in return.

Buddha - Four Kinds of Contemplation

In Buddha's teachings there are four kinds of contemplation to create a balanced relationship with all living beings.

Buddha chose the word metta which means loving kindness as the first of the four kinds of contemplation.

The other three kinds of contemplation are karuna which is compassion, mudita which is "gladness at other's success" and upekkha which is "onlooking equanimity."

Consciousness of Loving Kindness

On the spiritual path it is important to develop a consciousness of loving kindness. Begin with the intention to express loving kindness to yourself through self love.

We cannot give to others what we don't give to ourselves. Be aware of your self talk and let go of self judgement. Replacing the negative thoughts with loving, kind thoughts about yourself. Feel your energy transform as you shift your thoughts about yourself to a consciousness of loving kindness.

When we are in right relationship with ourself then we can express our consciousness of loving kindness to all living beings. When we fill our own cup to brim with self love and kindness then loving kindness is the natural result.

Acts of Loving Kindness

Acts of loving kindness are an integral part a spiritual life. Begin your day with acts of kindness to yourself by practicing your practices.

Prayer, meditation, physical activity, eating good foods, drinking water and caring for your body are all acts of loving kindness. See your body as the temple of Spirit.

Set your intention to practice daily acts of loving kindness for others. Look around and you will see many opportunities to practice this intention to be warm hearted and compassionate to others.

Be ready when the opportunity arises to express your Divine nature through acts of loving kindness. Ask the question, "How can I be of service?" The answer will be shown to you.

We are spiritual beings growing in our consciousness of God. Loving kindness is a powerful way to express our Divine nature in service to others. We are one!

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