Success Comes to Those Who ….
• Understand that spirituality is the key to success
• Understanding that being spiritual is gratitude for all that you have received and are about to receive.
• Understanding that being spiritual does not mean you work for free or cheap
• Understand that being God gifted, talented or inspired does not mean that you are to be taken advantage of or to be made to feel guilty because you set your fees that you must have in order to pay your bills, just like anyone else.
• Understanding that spirituality connects all things in the universe from faith, belief, material things, abundance, thoughts and actions.
• Understanding what you send out positive or negative come back to you not the 3 X ideas but 10 X 10 because of mankind’s advancement.
• Understanding that this is the new age that we are all gifted and talented, and it is up to us to find out and tap into that area that will make us a success by giving us an added bonus.
• Understanding that individuals who contact you for fees that are very cheap, or free, don’t really get it and have trapped themselves into the poverty life by asking and expecting others to provide for them because they can’t
• Understanding that just talking the talk in spirituality key of success will set yourself up for failure, but by talking the talk, act the act and walking the walk in actions, deeds and thoughts is your gold key to success.
• Understanding that spirituality is a connection to material wealth.
• Understanding the saying it is better to give then receive was established by one of the greatest and wealthiest corporations alive today the Catholic Church.
• Understanding that spirituality is a connection to money, money is connected to the color gold as wealth that in turn connects to the higher spiritual levels in connection to God, chakras that are gold as well as your aura.
• Understanding that money and success only comes to those who know the key.
• Understanding that being not just appreciative, but grateful, not just for the big things, but even the small things in life attract more of the positive and abundance to you.
• Understanding when putting out positive energy that success comes to only those who are truly sincere and deeply appreciative of all things around them.
• Understanding that as you talk the talk, act the act and walk the walk your God given gifts, abilities, ideas, talent and inspirations will be granted to you because you are ready.
• Understanding that spirituality in all things connected to the world including money is the key not only to your future success but to your destiny.
• Understanding the key is that you can have it all only when you realize that your own spiritual beliefs have been holding you back.
• Understanding you are your own key to success and what you do, say or act in connection has a direct baring to your own subconscious and the making of that success.

Author's Bio: 

Rose Ann Schwab PhD is a succeful world renowned clairvoyant psychic and professional consultant who has established a credible reputation and recognition for her work with thousands of individuals worldwide. She teaches and lectures on keys to success as well as gives private readings and consulting. Rose is also an artist, healer, author and visionary among many other fields of expertise with a 98% track record of accuracy.