Marketing professionals across the globe are struggling to come to terms with the new business scenario, thanks to the outbreak of Covid-19. Most of the companies have either cancelled or put their marketing events on hold.

Marketing and corona virus pandemic

There are significant challenges that must be faced by content marketing professionals, such as changes in allocation of marketing budgets, modification of content marketing strategy in order to achieve greater relevance in the current global scenario, and so forth.

The need of the hour is to deliver content through online mediums by inventing novel ways to engage customers. The corona epidemic has already forced people to stay online and get connected with their near and dear ones.

In fact, most individuals are constantly using one or the other social media platform either for gaining first-hand information about the epidemic or for spending time on social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp. This has started a great trend which is going to influence online content marketing trends in the near future.

There is going to be significant shift in content distribution during the period of pandemic because most of the events, trade shows, conferences, and seminars have been either cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

Digital marketing

Companies must find ways to strengthen relationships with their prospects and customers by leveraging different digital marketing initiatives. Conventionally, content distribution was restricted to the posting of articles and blogs but one needs to go beyond this and adopt a comprehensive approach for designing content marketing strategy during the Covid-19 period.

The shift needs to be slightly away from content of a promotional nature to various types of distribution, such as use of social media platforms, press releases, emails, and so forth. It will be advisable to leverage search engine optimization tactics to improve visibility.

The unprecedented crisis of corona virus epidemic has offered a new opportunity of building lasting relationships with target audiences that are going to be more active on social media platforms during the lockdown period. Thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, one can leverage innovative content marketing trends to spread useful information and tips to fight the epidemic.

Towards a healthier society

Although most of your audiences are locked inside their houses, they are perpetually accessing the internet to stay in touch with their social media groups, relatives, and friends. Every business needs to create a new content marketing strategy to take advantage of this changed digital landscape.

Large organizations should arrange webinars and other innovative digital events to get closer to customers. You can deliver a wealth of information that will add value to your marketing initiatives.

While creating digital content in the forms of videos, blogs, and other formats, it is important to note that consumers are in search of content that is full of information, entertainment, and education. This will not only strengthen your relationship with the target audience but will also help you enhance customer engagement.


The focus of new content marketing strategy must be on building a healthy and well-informed society. Brand promotion and advertising initiatives can take a backseat for some time.

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