Long-distance relationship. The very words are sure to elicit strong opinions. Some will point to their own strong relationships as proof that they work. Others will relate horror stories about their past experience with them.

Without a doubt, long-distance relationships certainly have their share of challenges. However, they can also be very rewarding, and even offer some advantages over traditional relationships. For example, individuals wanting to proceed slowly and take their time, may find it to be much easier in a long-distance relationship. If you are currently in such a relationship, or thinking of entering one, what can you do to keep it strong?

• Communicate. Good communication is arguably one of the most important ingredients of a successful relationship. Good communication is all the more important when in a long-distance relationship. Fortunately, in this technical age, there are a variety of ways for a couple to maintain good communication. Telephone, instant messaging, email, texting and video conferencing are all excellent ways to keep the lines of communication open.

• Do something special. One way to keep the romance alive in any relationship is to look for ways to surprise your significant other. It could be a small gift, flowers, tickets to his favorite game, or an hour at that spa your partner keeps talking about. Just because you may not be in close proximity does not mean that these options are not available to you. In fact, most of them are just a phone call away.

• Go on a date. You do not have to physically be with someone to go on a date with them. For example, pick out a movie that interests both of you, go to it in your respective locations, and then talk about it later. Discuss what you liked and disliked, just as if you had seen it together.

• Say goodnight. Do your best to never let a day end without at least saying goodnight to each other. What you last think about before going to sleep can affect your dreams, and is often what you wake up thinking about. What better to occupy those thoughts than your loved one.

Long-distance relationships definitely have their share of challenges. However, by following a few common-sense tips, you can keep your long-distance relationship strong and healthy.

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