Muay Thai a noble art with antique traditions & is a combat sport . It is also the Thai national sport. Muay Thai has its roots in Buddhist Thailand, hence few consider that it has spiritual aspects also. Muay Thai boxers typically perform some Buddhist rituals before beginning a match. This involves boxing techniques such as hard kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and low kicks to the thighs. Despite the many exercises Muay Thai practitioners also uses healthy lifestyle choices such as balanced and proper diet, fixed schedule of eating time and exercise. It is same as western boxing in terms of fight standing, but elbow, knee and kicks, strikes make it different from western boxing.

Following are the lifestyle tips of Exercises for Muay Thai

1. Burpee – (Full body exercise, metabolism and cardio)

It is a very good practice used by not only Muay Thai but also by the footballer, cross fit practitioner also. This acts as a fat burning machine for your body. Burpee is a full body exercise which can burn a ton of calories. Even research has proved that this can burn up to 50% more fat than the normal exercise. Also, it helps in speeding up the metabolism level. This is because Muay Thai practitioners use Burpee as they're one of the basic exercises. The Burpee is a full body strength training exercise that can provide ultimate fitness.

2. Spiderman Push Ups – (Upper body strength and endurance, core, shoulder strength, hip flexibility)

Spiderman pushups provide reflexive strength. This helps in stabilizing the muscles. It is used by Muay practitioners because it acts as an excellent workout for chest, arms, and shoulders. Its benefits are plenty. This gives a good impact one’s pectoral muscle, triceps and deltoids.

3. Jumping Lunges – (Plyometrics, explosive, leg strength, muscular endurance, cardio)

Muay Thai practitioners use jumping lung exercise because it incorporates plyometrics exercise into their normal exercise routine which is very important and effective for cardiovascular health. This also increases their overall fitness level and provides balance, strength and increase stamina. Jumping lung exercise requires balance, coordination. We must note that jumping lung exercise is not an easy exercise one should be very careful while starting it. There are many variations of jumping lunge exercises such as Assisted Jump Lunge, Body Weight Jump Lunge, and Weighted Jump Lunge.

4 Pike Push Ups – (Upper Body, shoulder strength, and Endurance)

This is included in Muay Thai practitioner as it is a hard mimic overhead pushes with just the body weight. In pike pushups legs are supported so they (Muay Thai practitioner) don’t need to press their weight and they can easily balance their body.
So these were the few basic exercises used by Muay Thai practitioners for healthy living. Few other exercises are can be named as Seated Floor ABS Circles – (Core, ABS and balance), Everest Climbers – (Core, hip flexibility, cardio), Jump Squats – (Plyometric, explosive lower body strength, legs, cardio), Ali Shuffle Punches – (Cardio, agility, shoulder endurance, speed).
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