Serving innovations inspired by insights: National Finishing and Cookery Institute as the trailblazer of pioneering reformations in the food and hospitality sector.

NFCI Hotel Management is one of the leading Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh offering various courses in hospitality with good facilities.

As this Hotel Management Institute is located in the capital city – Chandigarh, it attracts a lot of aspiring chefs from around the city and its suburbs as well. The student: teacher ratio is kept optimum to maximise the learning output. The on campus training's and workshops conducted intermittently help the students to be abreast with the latest from the industry. All events hosted by the institute are student centred that ensure that the best hands in the hospitality industry make their enigmatic on-campus presence possible, thereby making each experience memorable and rich. The students are also encouraged to excel in the various food fests and culinary competitions. The various laurels and achievements in such events speak in large volumes of the effectiveness of the training standards set in each of the course.

With a profound experience in the culinary, fine dining, and grooming programs, we create future industry experts who will be revolutionizing the field of hospitality. NFCI is a name integrated with many internationally and nationally reckoned establishments. We aim to provide a pathway for aspiring culinary leaders and hospitality pioneers to grow with dynamic opportunities in the industry.

NFCI isn’t just a name; it is that weapon that can project you straight to your ladder of success. We provide Hotel Management Courses in Chandigarh to educate aspiring chefs to sharpen their culinary skills. We take pride in our students because we consider the food industry as a sacred industry. Delighting taste buds is like our way of paying respect to the almighty, and so we leave no stones unturned in teaching our students the perfect way to make a delectable platter of food. In a globalized industrial sphere, we provide courses that provide an industry-centric approach. Some of our courses include:

• F&B production
• F&B Services
• Tourism and Hospitality
• House Keeping
• Front Office

We are affiliated, and our curriculum is fortified with National (NSDC) and International (AHLEI) Accreditation. With a holistic environment imparting social and life skills and a professional ecosystem, we facilitate students to participate in key food festivals and contests. Our training programs are engineered with a pragmatic approach which makes the on-job-training schedules 100% placement worthy for esteemed hospitality establishments. Gone are the days when students had to move to metros to earn their Michelin stars abroad because now we wish to bring the same level of education with Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh. Ranging from teaching our students the basics to making the portfolio for our students, we do it all!

Our course structure is very lean and precise which focuses on more practical knowledge with a very small batch size of not more than just 10-15 students per batch. After the completion of the course, one can join up any hotel as a commi chef or start his own small establishment.

We are committed towards providing students with an education that lasts and evolves over a lifetime by infusing indispensable wisdom and knowledge to succeed in the fast changing, competitive world of business.

As this promising Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh churns out quality professionals, it is imperative that they are prepared in more than their core proficiency. Therefore, imparting social and life skills in every program for a holistic professional training tenure is a must at NFCI Chandigarh.


Basics of all the core areas of hotels including Front office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverages Production & Food & Beverages Service.

Learning Outcome:

The education you receive at NFCI will empower you with the required skills, knowledge and way of developing vision. Your experience and stay with us will ensure that your entire career will be shaped and prepared to navigate successfully through economic, social and other uncertain changes that future will bring. Our innovative curriculum offers a fine balance between academic trial and practical application. It provides a broad coverage of multi-dimensional hospitality education.

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