The prospect of entrepreneurship in the field of art appears to be not a promising one. However, one woman has changed our perspectives and proven her tenacity in the world of art. Meet Joelle Dinnage, an award-winning entrepreneur who has been engaged in the art industry for years and gained a profound recognition for her contribution. The Dutch entrepreneur, Joelle is an internationally acclaimed public figure who has worked as an International Art Fair Director and partnered with an array of art organizations.

Her story is incredible and takes us to a time when she was only 13 years of age when she started selling art. That was the first glimpse of a business empire she’s leading today. She won the Young Business Entrepreneur Award in the Netherlands. Later, she moved to London and co-founded an e-commerce venture at the company she was working with. The business’ incredible performance in the industry led the Queen of England, Elizabeth II to recognize her contribution. She met the Queen and was awarded two Queen’s Awards for Sustainable Development.

It was then she laid the foundation of “The Funky Art Gallery”, and this venture focused on an innovative style of art which was much centered on Graffiti. In fact, the gallery surged on page 1 ranking on Google in the USA and the UK. Thereafter, she founded “Global Art Agency Ltd”. The art agency has become a global enigma with operations in Dubai and London, holding events in world capitals of art like Vienna, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Oxford, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Miami. The agency has been listed in top 30 of VOOM awards (Virgin Media Business) with their pitch to billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Branson. Personally, Joelle has been a Curator for Playboy, London, and Florence Biennial.

Following are some of her awards and honors:

  • “Young Achiever of the Year 2017” – First Women Awards (Finalist)
  • Entrepreneur of the year 2017” – Venus Awards (Nominated)
  • “Women of the Future Award 2016” – Art & Culture (Shortlisted)
  • Entrepreneur of the year 2016” – Investor Allstars (Finalist)
  • “Female Entrepreneur 2015” – Stevie Awards, Silver (Winner)
  • “Oxfordshire Young Business Person 2015” – (Nominated)
  • “Women in Business Awards 2014” – Rising Star (Shortlisted)
  • “Sferiq Award Innovation in Art” – Investor Allstars (Nominated)
  • “Inspirational Businesswoman 2013” – Woman in Trade UK
  • “Top Female Entrepreneur” – Small Business Heroes

About her success, here is what Joelle once said in an interview published online: “Success is the best revenge! It sounds negative, but it is very positive because as a successful entrepreneur you will get let down by people that you trust, people that befriend you for the wrong reasons, a lot of enviousness and jealousy of some people you would at least expect it of, and there are always the ones that just love to gossip. What better way to show them you don’t give a damn by being more successful. That’s my philosophy, better to positively succeed even more than to hold a mean grudge.” 

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