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What do you do when after years with the same company, you walk into the office and a memo is on your desk "blaming" the recession for letting you go! I am so glad you asked - don't panic below are some immediate actions you should take. You've Got Options in between employment gaps.

1. Don't Blame yourself and swallow your pride get help from family and friends that offer help.

2. File for unemployment. If you’re released from your job, you automatically quality for state unemployment benefits. Payment levels are calculated by the previous contributions to your benefits. States vary in the amounts. If you live in ....Florida.... you can expect to receive about $293 a week for 46 weeks if you are eligible. The Application process can be completed on line. Your benefits should begin in couple of weeks.

3. Trade down the totem pole. Accept a job even if it's not in your field. Remember, thousand are waiting for "one" job offer. Just get in the door and reposition yourself after you get the job.

4. Get retrained. Get new Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed for where you want to be and make yourself more marketable by refining and adding new skills. Let's just call it "diversification" of talents. Volunteering is a way of getting trained and getting new experiences on your resume.

5. Fill time gaps in your resume. Volunteering with a potential employer, seek out freelance or consulting work or temporary contractual work. These methodologies will give your resume and you a step up in this competitive economy.

6. Find other sources of money. Your rainy day is now! You should consider tapping into any emergency savings you have attained. If you’re on that last dollar, put the brakes on expenses and cash out of any CDs you own. It is not recommended to withdraw funds from your 401(k). Penalties and deferred taxes will devour you and make things more challenging. Seek advice from your financial advisors.

7. Pray! Prayer does change things and keep the Faith!

A great resource to read is Suez Roman’s Financial Book for 2012. You may still be able to get it Free online. Now it’s your turn to post what has worked for those of you that became unemployed without warning.

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Dr. Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson is an award winning national speaker, successful Business Acumen, Author and Executive Coach. Named a Professional Woman of Purpose, Power, and Prestige, Cita is a speaker who empowers others to reposition themselves for success in their career and personal life. As a leading corporate and college speaker, Cita hones the ability to combine her proven civic, federal, military and corporate leadership DNA with a sound understanding of today’s diverse workforce. She’s a heart-warming, electrifying speaker who connects with audiences that empowers them with her contagious humor and personality. She is living the dreams of her life and empowers and engages her audience to reposition to pursue their passion in life. Thousands of people have been touched by her seminars, coaching, leadership and mentoring.

She has presented seminars internationally and throughout North America. Cita’s exceptional presentations combined with her experience in academia, professional accomplishments and achievements, from the U.S. Army (Lieutenant Colonel Retired - 29 years), the Department of Defense, Department of Treasury, United States Postal Service, Corps of Engineers, Homeland Security, Corporate Boards and as the CEO of ATIC & MG Center for Excellence and MGAA Professional Development Institute.

Cita has appeared on national radio talk shows, in magazines and newspapers and on PBS-Local TV. Cita’s seminars are about “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now” and “Strategies and Stepping Stones to Success” are value-added and a tremendous testimonial to the validity of her brand.

Amicitia is also the co-author of the bestselling book “Stepping Stones to Success” with other celebrity authors including Jack Canfield ”Chicken Soup of the Soul”, Deepak Chopra and Dennis Whitley. Also, "Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now." She is the author and co-author of Eleven books and continues to pursue other book projects. She gives back of her talents and resources to local youth and non-profit organizations commited to growing and empowering future leaders.