My Story - Japan Earthquake-Japan Tsunami-Japan Nuclear Devi station 3/11/11

The Japan Earthquake -

I heard the rumbling then the earthquake hit I was thrown to the floor the entire building started shaking and swaying cracks started running up the walls and the ceiling. Furniture was being tossed around like it had a mind of its own.

As I attempted to stand up I was thrown against the wall and back to the floor... my thoughts: okay Lord what do I do, run or ride it out???

March 11, 2011 started out just as every other day had for the last two and half months that I had been in Japan but that day would be different for sure and would leave an impression on my life that will never be forgotten.

The Japan Tsunami -

After the earthquake we scrambled to higher ground because we just knew this would cause a tsunami how large no one could know.

We were right, no more than 35 minutes after the Japan earthquake the tsunami hit, not knowing until later how lucky we were.

It was speculated to be a wall of water 38 feet high traveling over 600 miles per hour that hit the coast and devastated everything in its path, nothing spared.

If the earthquake and the Japan tsunami wasn't enough there was one more even that would top it all off that day.

The Nuclear Devastation -

You see I'm a nuclear worker and I was in Japan working on

Unit 4 at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. If memory fails you, unit 4 was the last nuclear unit to blow up after the tsunami hit the coast of Japan and here's my story.

We had finished our modifications to unit 4 on 3/10 and the morning of 3/11 we were at the plant to do a full body count which is a procedure you go through at the end of each job in a nuclear facility to see how much radiation your body took during your stay.

After we had our full body count completed and were dismissed from our duties at the plant and okay-ed to leave the country a few of us decided to go to a small pottery shop down towards the coast to find a few gifts for family members back home.

We were scheduled to leave Japan 3/12 and this would be the last chance to see a little more of the country side and mingle with the people.

How would we have ever dreamed what was fixing to happen and how it would change our lives forever.

The Japan earthquake tsunami was a devastation to say the least, the country is still suffering from this act of nature and the above description of one individual's life and spiritual experiences is amazing.

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