Youth Foundation Inc. is an initiative to help struggling teens and their families. It understands and addresses the real problem that gets in the way of teens’ success, which by the way is not the absence of ability but the lack of motivation that these teenagers need in order to thrive in their daily lives at school and home.

The organization avails the best and beneficial youth development programs, at the lowest possible cost for families which is quite possible for it due to its NON-PROFIT nature and needlessness to return profits to its owners. Also the only and the ultimate focus of the organization in such a scenario, turns out to be concerned about what is BEST FOR TEENS rather contemplating what is best for profits.

All of this brings a great difference in the delivery of educational services and emotional care rendered by the Youth Foundation to its teens; who will anyway need it the most particularly when they are in their troubled teen hood.

Academics & Education:

Students enrolling in the Youth Foundation program are allowed to work on their academics using a self-paced program called Switched on Schoolhouse. This program has a large selection of elective and required Academic courses for students in grades 3-12, who get to study with new and modern methods of computer learning comprised of online textbooks, 3D animation, video clips, and other multimedia.

Further, since it’s a self-paced program it allows our students to gain the competence over the subject matter at their own pace; meaning if a pupil needs a little more time to master the subject matter s/he can have it instead of skipping over it just because the rest of the class is ready to move on. Also if the situation is reversed where the student has already mastered the subject matter, then s/he may not have to wait for others to catch up and can advance to the higher level.

For students lagging behind, this sort of learning may seem slow and may temporarily take them down however in the long run it speeds up their progress when they enter higher-level courses with better prepared to succeed and not struggle due to incomplete or inadequate understanding of the base concepts taught in pre-requisite classes.

To facilitate finest care and fair benefit of competitive cost, the organization alongside education offers Therapy Services which are optional and individualized for each Teen. These Therapy Services can include individual sessions, group sessions, or experiential like equine therapy, or specialty focus groups such as adoption, drug and alcohol, grief, and anger management.

Extra Curricular Activities

There is a lot, for pupils to participate in various High School Activities and Athletics. To name a few extracurricular activities a student can engage in are rock climbing, hiking, equine fundamentals, community gardens, Walk for Cancer, The Ironman Contest, The Huntsman Senior Games, and the County Fair.

The students also take part in sports competitions of Utah High School Athletics Association, where they contest with other schools of the same classification.

Culture and Environment

Youth Foundation Inc. offers a positive learning environment for the troubled youth who will not only gain on the educational front but will be motivated to be of strong character with positive self-esteem, responsible decision making and stronger family relationships.


Author's Bio: 

Jade Robinson's Youth Foundation (YFI) is one of the important initiative he has taken to help struggling teens & their families, in his entire career and 18 Years of experience as Parenting Teen Coach. With YFI, he helps teenagers to thrive in their daily lives at school and home, by addressing the real issues.