The kick you get from achieving a feat is sublime! Write that down and hang it up on a wall in your bedroom. Then behold, an achiever will emerge.

It's that easy, really. So many things in the world can be done, by just programming your brain the right way and reaping loads, significantly. Life is the showboat that action takes place on. In the depressing socio-economic times the world is in now, so many people are looking for work, but a handful still secure top notch employment, in the background of all. They belong to an elite group of workers/jobseekers. They're always open to opportunities. They act on their goals, they're very pragmatic people. They probably don't even know each other. They are the chosen few.

What's your choice? When are you going to implement it? Let me tell you a story. There was once upon a time, a man called Jack Ugly. He did his thing and grew up feeling like every other kid. One day, he came home from school and asked his mom, 'Mom, do you think I'm ugly?' The mom raised her voice and said, 'Of course not!' So Jack replied, 'But in school they said only you think I'm not ugly, because everyone else thinks I am.' His mom ignored him and that was that. He grew up, got a job, got a flat, didn't become anything special. He thought of himself as ugly cause the boys & girls in his school never liked him. So he always told himself he didn't deserve anything good to happen to him... because of the world. Feeling dreary and down one night after work, he had enough of being a loser and decided to kill himself. He went to a bridge, stood on the railing and waited for someone to notice him. When an old man passed by, he pretended like he was angry and yelled out, 'YOU CAN'T STOP ME, WORLD!' The old man paused, looked Jack and then said, 'Then do it. Jump!' Jack pretended he didn't hear him and asked, 'What?' The old replied again and said, 'Jump! If you're gonna do it, jump already. Don't tell the world your problems and expect anyone to do it, already!' He walked away, never turning back to look whether Jack was going to jump or not. Jack on the other hand stood there now, looking down from the ledge, realizing he needed to be the change he wanted see in his life. Tears streamed down his face. He climbed down, got back home, brought out a sheet of paper and wrote down a numbered list of everything he wanted to see changed for the better. Then he hung it on the wall by his pillow and went to bed. 3 years passed, and Antonio clinched a major client deal for the agency. His promotion is now confirmed that will propel him to become a partner of the seven figure advertising agency in New York. Antonio is the name his mother gave him. He changed his name to Jack Antonio and graced the cover of Inc magazine as professional of the year. At the cocktail party on the eve following his promotion, on arriving late, he got out of his Mercedes Benz E 500 and starred at an old man across the road, starring back at him. Jack walked up to him and introduced himself. 'You don't need to say anything, my boy. I knew you weren't gonna jump!' Bewildered Jack asked. 'How come?' The old man turned to leave. 'Ugly? That's the name I gave my son', he said looking back at Jack, 'That's what a person becomes when he doesn't pack the strength to realize his dream. See you around, kid!' The old man walked away into the night, never to see Jack again.

Sometimes we meet people. Sometimes they're angels. Our meeting with them imparts of value of high calibre in our lives that we know our meeting with them wasn't by chance. Sometimes it takes an angel to tell you you're a loser and you have to start acting out your dream. Everyone of us has a Jack or Jane Ugly inside us. Give that part of you a quit notice today and force him/her out. From now on you're Act. Your last name is ToDream.

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