Jack Herer Strain: Overview

Jack Herer is with everyone waiting at the coffee shop for their favorite coffee, with a cigarette in their hands and gossiping with friends.

Jack Herer is named after a legendary cannabis legislation activist. Today jack here is a popular strain for medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers.

Jack Here is the result of crossing Lights #5, Haze, and Shiva Shunk. Moreover, according to legendary genetics company Sensi Seeds, there are four main types of Jack Herer Phenotypes, three of which are Sativa dominant.

Jack Herer Terpene Profile

Jack Herer is a good strain with a frequently described smell as herbal, hazy, and clean. The primary terpene in Jack Herer is Terpinolene and a monoterpene that is less common in much-modernized genetics.

Many people have reported different kinds of effects from this same strain. Growers of strains gave Jack Herer strains the names after their creators; they don’t have any trademark or standard. So the Jack Herer you got in new york has different components from the one you get in Minnesota. They give us one of the reasons people feel different types of effects from the same strain.

Jack Herer Effects

Jack Herer strain helps with a variety of medical conditions. Pain, Arthritis, and inflammation are the main effects of Jack Herer reported by many people.

According to some preliminary researches, it might be a potential treatment for your acne’s heart diseases, and some types of cancer.

Note: most of the research on Jack Herer is preclinical. Therefore they can be considered generally safe for use, but their efficiency as a treatment for these conditions is only a suggestion.


Jack Herer is a strain with numerous phenotypes. Apart from the 12/12 lighting schedule, consider side lighting for producing a high yield. Especially when growing Jack Herer indoors.

If you use side lighting, you could benefit from 20% growth in your yield. However, you have to be more careful of your growing environment for your side lighting to be more effective.

Knowing the best nutrients for Jack Herer feeding is a must. As discussed above, Jack Herer is a little different marijuana plant, so it needs less nitrogen than other plants. In general, in packaging, the N-P-K ratio is already mentioned. As a result, you can get a guide with the level of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium when growing this marijuana plant.

We hope you enjoyed this blog. If you are reading this, I am sure you must have some other experience of growing Jack Herer. So please don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment.

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