With the New Year just around the corner it is the ideal time to stop smoking and reclaim your health. However thinking about stopping smoking and actually stopping smoking are two different things and for the majority of smokers giving up cigarettes is one of the most difficult things that they will ever do and their attempts often result in one failed attempt after another.

This is not uncommon and if you were to ask most ex-smokers they would tell you that they needed to try a number of times or use a variety of different methods and products before they finally succeeded and reached their goal of being a non-smoker.

So however difficult or frustrating you find stopping smoking the battle is always worthwhile and with enough attempts yourself the goal of being a non-smoker can be reached and once you succeed you will notice quickly some of the benefits that come from stopping smoking.

One of the first things many people notice once they have stopped smoking is an improvement in their sense of taste and smell. Within just a few days you will probably be able to identify smokers just by their smell and understand how bad smokers smell to non smokers and your sense of taste will improve and food will taste better than you ever imagined.

More important than the improvement in your senses of taste and smell is the rapid improvement you will see in overall health and energy levels as your body begins the process of undoing the damage down through out the years from smoking. For many long-term smokers it is the first time in years that they can climb a flight of stairs or engage in any other physical activity without wheezing and coughing and over time the risk of serious and life threatening disease will also decrease.

Finally on top of the health benefits you will also be surprised at the money you save each month and will have the money to spend on yourself or your family. But first you have to decide that its time to stop smoking.

So make the decision and decide on the method you will use to quit smoking cigarettes. For some smokers it's simply quitting smoking cold turkey while for others its with the use of nicotine replacement therapy in the form of the nicotine patch or nicotine gum. Yet others choose hypnotherapy, acupuncture or prescription medication to help them quit smoking.

As already mentioned don't give up in your attempts to give up smoking since your life may just depend on it. So choose the day to quit smoking and the method you will use and get all the support you can get from friends and family and quit smoking and enjoy the non smoking benefits once you have kicked the habit once and for all.

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