Upon our journey from childhood into adulthood, something most saddening occurs. We lose our belief in dreaming. We trade our dreams for "real" life experiences. And, before we know it our life is one big negative ball. We dislike majority of our daily experiences. We manage to get by telling ourselves lies that the future holds happier days, if we could just get there. Days come and go without any change what so ever. And then we find ourselves on our deathbeds wish we had done so many things different.

Why are waiting for your deathbed to have regrets?

It is true our brains want to keep us in survival modes because that is all it knows and understands. We do not live in a world where survival mode is necessary. We live in a world where anything is possible. A person who has determination and action can truly become anything they dream of. It has been done countless times. Yet, we continue to wallow around in misery waiting on something grand to occur in our future.

Stop the waiting game cycle today!

It is time you stopped believing in the "real" world motto and starting believing in yourself. Your dreams are there to provide you with a goal upon which you will find yourself in a happier state. Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself at the height of your happiness. What is shown? What are you doing?

For most of us, it has nothing at all to do with work. Work does not bring pleasure, it brings status. There are those who believe status equals happiness. Fastfoward a few years and find yourself upon your deathbed, and you will also discover status and money has nothing to do with you in this moment. You will find love and relationships have all your attention. It is upon these times we should contemplate what is really our goal in life. Do you wish to be a man/woman of status with emptiness and void in your life? Or do you wish to be a man/woman will happiness and a lifetime of joy to remember?

It is time you woke up from your adulthood and got back to your dreams. Whatever you wish to be, there is a place for you. There is an opportunity for you to find happiness. And, at the end of this life, that is what you want to know. You want to know a life of happiness and joy. Today is your tomorrow, and it is time you made a change in the direction of your happiness. Don't worry about the people in your life, worry about yourself. When you are happy, they will be affected by it and will be forced to follow.

Author's Bio: 

I am a self published author since 2007. I am an inspiration blogger, where I weekly upload an article meant to help you maintain your focus on being the happiest person you can in the many different types of situations and interactions you can find yourself. I also have a weekly internet radio talk show where I offer 15 minutes of quick inspiration on topics regarding happiness and remembering your dreams. I have a non-fiction book available to keep in surrounding in happiness available for purchase on my blog and website through links. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to be in the place I am and constantly learning how to bring more inspiration to you.