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Ericka wrote to Ask Maryanne: I have two questions. 1) My husband and I are moving to California to start a business. Do you see this being a positive move towards our goal? 2) Lately I have had the feeling that I need to discover myself, like there's more to me. What does this feeling mean?

Hi Ericka, I sat with your questions and did two readings for you using our Divination Deck: first I was guided to do a past, present and future reading for you and your husband’s pending move to the West Coast. These cards read:


Vision, suit of Hearts, numerology 8
The Vision card in the position of the past is in the suit of hearts, signifying the feminine and emotional element of water…and also represents the West. Its numerology is associated with the number eight( 8), which often is related to power and money. Inquiry questions that come with this card include:What is my vision for the future? What am I in service to? What am I being shown about my life purpose now? How am I wasting my time? These are questions that may have prompted the move or that could help you both gain greater clarity of purpose as you follow your path. Some declarations for your consideration here might be:
I take 100% responsibility for my reality!
There are 7 billion ways of being on the planet, I will focus on my own!


Intuition, suit of Spheres, numerology 3
Intuition card is in the position of the present and a Sphere card, associated with the Goddess, representing the earth and the cycles of birth, life, death and finally rebirth. What we love about this suit is that no one place on the sphere is any more important or significant than any other. The numerology for this card is three (3) which speaks to creation and the trinity of life. A good inquiry about the present might be: Where have I ignored or am ignoring my intuition? Do I value logic over intuition? Can I tell the difference between my intuition and my ego? Here are some declarations for you both to try on about the NOW:
My intuition is a direct connection to the Divine.
I trust my inner knowing and respond accordingly!


Healing, suit of Hearts, numerology 9
The Healing card is in the position of the future and in the suit of hearts, a double message that being heart-centered is important for you regarding this move and starting this new venture. And the numerology that you have here is a nine (9) which is generally about completion.  You may want to sit together and inquire as you move forward: What in my life is in need of healing? Where am I avoiding taking care of myself? How am I being vulnerable right now? Some declarations for you to ground in are:
As I feel, deal and heal with what in me needs attention the world heals in kind.
All true healing happens in the field of Love!

Next, I did a reading in answer to your more personal question, that there’s “more to you” and you’re wanting to discover that. I did a one-card reading asking what you need to know right now about this and drew the Grace card.

Grace, suit of Spheres, numerology 10
What a beautiful card for you! The Grace card is in the Sphere suit, again represented by the feminine, and it also represents the suit of pentacles which is about craft, apprenticeship, purpose, the material world and your purpose in it. In this case I want to say, you are stronger and more capable than you think you are! The numerology associated with this reading is the number ten (10) which might mean your need to look at the perfection in all things. (Including you!) Here are a few inquiries you might sit with quietly and see where they lead: Am I open to receiving grace? Where have I been given grace in my life or where is being more graceful called for right now? Perhaps one of the inquiries will speak to you or tug at you in some way in answer to your question! Now for the declarations to ground or stand in:
I am open to receiving grace!
There but for the grace of God go I.

I hope this was helpful and remember to check out anytime for a free reading! Blessings, Maryanne.

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Maryanne Comaroto is a relationship expert, a gifted writer, and an inspired teacher with an urgent mission and a powerful message. She has a unique gift for translating the complexities of life and love into practical tools for living and loving in healthy ways. Rather than become a victim of her childhood abuse, her families alcoholism, rape, physical abuse, death, and even the mob Maryanne’s used her dramatic past as opportunities to overcome the pitfalls so many never recover from, then sharing her hard won experience with others along the way.