As a Virgo (well known to be perfectionists and way too fussy!), I used to have the need to plan every single aspect of my life, and I did - right down to the extent where I would decide which route to take from point A to point B to save the most time ("...down the stairs and turn right, or turn left and cut through the garden, or...").

Nothing wrong with that right? It's GOOD to plan, and to know things in advance. Then we can always be in control, that means we are safe and secure. No bad outcomes. No unpleasant surprises.

But you know as well as I do, the more we insist on having life turn out exactly the way we want it, the more disappointments and frustrations we get.

More and more, I have learnt to stop planning, and instead, master the art of manifestation, which is basically to know what you want, put out the request, know that it would be answered in good time, say thank you, and then.... LET GOOOOOOOOO.....

It can be very simple, but you do need to execute each step exactly.

Do you know what you want? By the way, knowing what you do NOT want is not the same as knowing what you want. We all don't want to be broke. But then, how much money do we want in our bank accounts? Do you know?

And if you do know what you want, and every single cell of your body is aligned with your desire, do you ask the universe/Higher Power for it? As the fine saying goes, "Ask and you shall receive." So, ASK.

If you did ask, do you have 100% belief that it would be answered? Or do you constantly worry about it and checking your watch all day long, wondering when your wishes would be fulfilled. Worry and doubt are akin to putting up blockages around you. Sunlight is all around, but it cannot shine on trees that are covered by brick walls. "Ask and you shall receive"... and the receiving part is just as important as asking.

Here's a true story that happened to me recently. I had planned on giving a workshop on the last day of my trip in Penang, but it was not meant to be, and I was wondering how I was going to spend my last day. I could have fretted about it and work out some kind of itinerary... and I almost did. Old habits die hard!

Instead, I told the universe, "You do the planning for me... make it an enjoyable day please." With that, I suddenly felt very relaxed, and did not worry about it any further.

Guess what? My last day was fully booked, with EFT consultations, a meeting with a friend who stayed in Penang, lunch with the beautiful folks from Lifeworks, a holistic centre in Penang, a healing session with one of the Lifeworkers, ending off marvellously with a free healing preview session by Remedia, a wonderful healer, who just came to Penang that day.



I asked. And I received.

And the day could not have been more perfect.

So to those of you who are planners and strategisers and...ahem...control freaks...give it a go. Plan less, ask more, and then simply go with the flow.

Having trouble? Of course! We are all human. :) So here's a tapping exercise for you.

Setup Statement: "Even though I need to plan my things, so that things would work out the way I want, and it's really impossible for me to go with the flow, I deeply and completely honour my feelings, and I am willing to be open to new ways of living my life."

Then tap on the rest of the EFT points, thinking of all the reasons why planning is so important to you, and why does going with the flow feel so scary.

Miracles happen, only when we cease to want to be in control all the time, and allow divine forces to intervene in our life.

Not so easy...and yet...really, it's easy peasy!

Author's Bio: 

Lena Chen is an experienced EFT practitioner and author of "Emotional Freedom at your fingertips: How to get from PISSED to PEACE in mere minutes with Emotional Freedom Techniques" as well as creator of the EFT Affirmation Cards. Her expertise lies in helping her clients to heal chronic pains, relationship conflicts and depression. With her keen intuition, compassion and the wonderful efficacy of EFT, she has helped hundreds of people to heal themselves, thus improving their self-esteem, health and relationships. To find out more about Lena, please visit her website at or contact her at