Often, the hardest part of any resume is knowing how to start. Learn how to start a resume so you can craft the perfect one for your potential job.

In September 2018, U.S. unemployment went down to 3.7%--the lowest since 1969.

Looking for a job? Your first step is to craft your resume. If the thought of that makes you nervous--not to worry!

Keep reading to learn how to start a resume so you can find your perfect job.

Decide on a Resume Format

There are three main types of resume formats.


A chronological resume is the most popular type. This type of resume lists your experience in chronological order. You list your most recent experience first.


A functional resume lists skills and experience without an emphasis on dates. This type of resume is best if you have a gap between jobs or you don't have much work history.


A combination resume lists both work and skills with dates. You can use this format to tailor your resume to a specific job.

Write the Header and Objective/Summary

The header should have your name, email address, and phone number. Your email address should be professional. Make sure the voicemail for your number is professional as well.

You should also write the objective or summary. This is a short section--usually a couple of sentences--that states your objective and why you're applying for a particular job. Not every resume needs a summary, and it depends on the job you're applying for.

Next, list your education background and degrees.
Fill out the Resume with Jobs/Skills
Now you can add your work experience. The order in which you list your experience depends on the resume format you choose.

For example, if you choose chronological order, list your current or recent job first. In addition to the job, you should include the company name and the city and state where it's located.

In addition to the job, including duties and achievements for each position. Make sure to start each achievement with a strong verb.

Some examples of strong verbs include:
• Coordinated
• Orchestrated
• Planned
• Oversaw
• Initiated
• Launched
• Pioneered
• Consolidated
• Delivered
• Achieved

Ensure Proper Formatting

These days, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems. This software analyzes resumes and scores them. The resumes with the highest scores will meet a list of keywords that the system is looking for.

Once your resume gets past the system, it's time for the hiring manager to take a look. Make sure your resume has proper formatting which includes single
spacing with a double space in between paragraphs.

You should also use a professional font such as Arial or Times New Roman. The font size should be 12.

Consider Hiring Professional Help

If you're having trouble creating the perfect resume, you might want to consider hiring professional resume writers. You can search for companies with the best resume writers
who can help you tailor your resume for the perfect position?

Final Advice for How to Start a Resume

Now that you've learned the tips for how to start a resume, it's time to get writing. One final tip is to tailor your resume for each job you apply to. It may take extra work, but it's worth it if it gets you your dream job.

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