So many ideas; so few implemented. Do you find yourself with a lot of ideas, then toss them out, forget to write them down, get lost in “decision collision”, tell yourself “some day”, or wait too long to communicate them & find that someone else “stole them”?

With this program you take away a process that helps you to:

Capture & clarify your “money idea” on which to focus your time and energy

Organize your thoughts & resources to get clarity for your strategy

Develop your implementation strategy

Communicate effectively to garner support you need

Overcome roadblocks

Key takeaways will include:

Make sure your ideas align with your purpose & passion (goals).

Use the IMPACT(c) process to make an impact with your ideas.

Use decision tools to choose your "money idea".

Develop a strategy for action and accountability.

Capture your idea details with a consistent methodology.

Speaker Bio
From ideas - to implementation - to income. I help you figure things out and get things done! You have ideas. Yet without focus, strategies, tools, action & accountability, they mean very little. While you serve others, what about a partner who serves you? I bring my corporate management & board leadership experience to entrepreneurs to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Even if you’re in a coaching program, or are an experienced business person, it helps to get out of your own head to get perspectives and accountability with an implementation expert.

I wrote the book on systematically implementing ideas: “Hey, That’s MY Idea!” As host of the IdeaSuccess.TV webcast & a cable TV show, and Founder of the Idea Success Network of programs & resources, my passion is applying a science to transforming ideas to action and sharing stories of people who implement ideas.

To give balance to my life I ride motorcycles & rollercoasters, volunteer as a Girl Scout Trainer, watch Star Trek™ everything, and cherish 32+ years with my life partner in the DC area.

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