News from Emerging markets and growing trends of global economy all recorded over iphone by ISI2Go application.

If you are an investor or an enthusiast in global economy, the Emerging markets Information Service is what you might want to refer. With that note, there is a dual featured application for your iphone where you can have access to company information, industry snapshots and other parameters. The app is so designed that it can house the two ISI Emerging Markets Products combined into a single application.

The investors, the bulls and bears of the share markets, wealth management professionals and other financial professionals of the global economy will be benefitted from the ISI2GO application. They can make their analysis, predictions and decisions beyond their office walls as this application is built to offer its users relevant information with respect to deals, statistics and valuations parameters backing the deals, which are likely to happen in future or the business profit that has happened from previous agreements and deals. The developers have efficiently put in the features of EMIS2GO, the mobile version of the Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) which allows users to access news, company information, industry snapshots, and key macroeconomic indicators and DealWatch2GO allows users to find news related to deals, the statistics and valuations behind the deals as well as information about deals that may be happening in the future. As the global economy is the point of observation, the app is designed to support multi-lingual feature. It is believed to have supported 30 worldwide languages as the target audience being the global citizens.

The solution is created with an intention of integrating the two products namely, the EMIS and DealWatch into a single usable app. As mentioned earlier, the EMIS being the flagship product of the company delivers news, events, and recent financial data from across 80 emerging markets in Asia, Africa and other countries.

This application is designed to render its services for a huge user base of 3000 institutional clients falling back on EMIS on a daily routine basis, to research companies for market analysis purposes or to evaluate industries to track their developments that would eventually impact their business on a positive note.

The EMIS2Go application benefits young economists to entrepreneurs by listing out the most recent developments in the emerging markets and this information displayed is based on the country of choice fed in the app. More accurate search of the companies, industries or countries is embedded in the app that assists in what exactly the user is looking out. The search and advanced search category searches for the news searched by ‘relevance’ or ‘date’ of a particular nation. So as the language related to a particular nation can also be searched. The key indicator option is the macro economic indicator section to show revenue and other details of a particular industry. For convenience, user can set the default language, country, start tab and the default application for the subsequent launches.

Similar is the feature of DealWatch2Go application for the search and setting features when compared to that of EMIS2Go Application and the News section has the ‘Top news’ related to financial deals is displayed. The searched articles are listed out by the data base search.

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