If you're married, you may have began to notice that your marriage seems a bit comfortable--not at all like when you were dating--in fact you may have even heard yourself thinking something like, I can relax, they're not going anywhere. The problem is with this kind of thinking is that many couples find themselves feeling frustrated and thinking their being taking it for granted. These symptoms ultimately cause a lack of marriage intimacy and when the intimacy in a marriage begins to decline, it becomes a problem. Read on to discover how to keep your marriage into the sea alive and well.

We know it can feel very comfortable and safe knowing that you both vowed to be together forever, but marriage and the intimacy created between two people, if taken for granted taken for granted can be the beginning of the end. It begins the downward spiral that is very tricky to get out of. Intimacy in a marriage is an essential element that support each partner feel cared for, wanted, and valued.

Keep the Intimacy Alive

In order to keep the intimacy in your marriage deepening instead of dwindling, it is important to spend time with one another; time together is never squandered. In life a balance is always needed, and this is no difference in marriage. In order to have a happy, healthy relationship there must be time for each other, time for you, and if you have kids, time to spend as a family.

It is important in a marriage that everyone maintains this sense of balance, but of course it never hurts to throw a little romance into the mix. The next time you put time aside to spend as a couple, spice it up with the little romantic and intimate experiences. This will support your partner knowing that you still want them there and that you are still attracted to them.

Discovering new things together can also be a fun way to encourage intimacy in your marriage. It is important to always keep in mind why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Maybe it was your shared love for outdoor activities, or a loved for museums; whatever it is that you had in common, it is important not to lose sight of the things you originally loved to do with one another. Also, finding new things that you like to do together is a break from the ordinary routine and reawaken that spark.

Finding What's New In What Might Seem Old

Watching your partners eyes light up after you discover some new place or go on an adventure together could be the misplaced key to opening the door to more rekindling the intimacy in your relationship. Playing together, if you will, brings back the youthful wonder that can unlock the secrets to making your marriage more fun and lively again.

Are You Being Unrealistic?

Finally, it is crucial that neither of you have out of reach expectations. Letting go of the expectations you have about your partner will help you have a more open and loving outlook. Everybody has limits, and if you spotlight only the limitations you will only see more of them. So focus your attention on the positive characteristics of your partner--the ones you love it when you were dating. When you let go of all expectations that you hold about your partner it leaves room for surprise and will assist both of you in feeling more comfortable and relaxed as you deepen your marriage intimacy.

Now of course, there's always room for improvement in any relationship. It is, however, essential that you help your partner feel comfortable knowing they are not no one who needs improving, but it is the relationship that you would like to improve. When couples play together in unison, it can create a beautiful song.

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