Online dating sites and social media sites are exploding so is it really possible to find love online or is it just filled with too many cheats liars and scams? Well I have gained a lot of personal experience this last year on this topic and I have spoken to hundreds of people looking to find love online so I will share what I have found with you here.

First what about all the scammers, liars, cheats.... are there really that many...well yes of course they are out there, but the don't forget these people are offline as well. The Internet didn't invent people with bad attitudes it just gave them a new media to work with and most are quite easy to spot if you know what to look for and you are careful but I will cover that in another article. For now we want to know is it really possible to find love online.

The answer is yes it is possible to find love online and not only have I spoken to many people who have managed to find love online but I have found it my self. I met my girlfriend online last year and now we have the kind of loving relationship we both always dreamed of. The truth is it was quite easy and I wasn't even looking to find love online because I was just researching various sites at the time but I met the kind of woman I had always wanted. However, it wasn't just by accident, chance or luck.

Since that time my girlfriend and I have looked at what we did to find love online and we have found that what brought us together was some very specific things that we did. One of the things we both did was not be afraid to share who we are, we are both very open people and so it was easy for us to recognize the qualities in each other that we both value. Also, and this can be a big problem for some, neither of us were afraid of getting scammed because we both believed we would always attract the right people and this is one of the major reasons we were able to find love online.

Now our story is about to be published as a book later this year but you can find out more about our story and get our advice and ideas on love, relationships and online romance at

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Dean Hopkins is an author, artist and music producer with a passion for helping people discover more purpose and meaning to their life and relationships. He has 25 years of study and experience in Psychology, Spiritual sciences, Philosophy, Personailty profiling systems, NLP and Body Language.