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You want more customers. Your website or blog professionally tells all about your valuable offer. But if it doesn’t contain useful information for your site visitors, your content might actually repel them. What might you do? Change your website content. And write it from the viewpoint of your visitors.

Why change your website content? Because if the current content doesn’t interest your site visitors, they click away. It needs to be changed if it doesn’t connect with your market.

Think about yourself when you visit an online site.

When you come to a website, you want to read words, phrases and terms familiar to you. You want it to agree with your viewpoints. When it does, it feels right. You develop a connection to it.

When you go to a website or blog, you’re looking for answers to a burning question. AND, it needs to be written in a way that appeals to you and the way you think.

Do you want to read about someone’s offer for help to solve your problem? OR…

Do you want to read helpful answers that solve your problem? You want the answer, right?

People are looking for your helpful information. In fact, many feel DESPERATE to get their answers. That information shows you are an expert at what you do. And when you show that you are an expert they will contact you for your services and products.

Everyone wants the BEST there is out there to solve their problem. So, give them your best. Share your information in the way they need to hear it. They will come back to you and pay for more helpful advice when you do.

And, when you develop a relationship with them as someone who genuinely wants to help, they will buy from you. Why? Because that age old wisdom is true. People buy from those they trust.

So, don’t OFFER to help… help.

Here’s a simple outline to write an informational article on your website that shows you are the helpful expert. Remember to include how they can get a hold of you.

1-Write an eye-catching article headline of interest to your ideal prospect. This might be common and obvious information to you but is news to someone with no knowledge of your expertise.

2-Cover one simple thing the reader can do to improve his or her situation. Show this in a simple step-by-step process. Clearly outline exactly what the reader can do to improve his or her situation so much they feel grateful for the help. Remove the pain, the suffering and the reader remembers it. And, if you share enough information, readers will spread the word to friends, business colleagues, co-workers, bosses, etc., that you can be considered a trusted help resource.

3-Show the benefits to the reader of acting now to get relief or improvement in his or her life using your solution to his or her problem. This helps people who procrastinate see that there is no value in procrastinating. Paint the picture of a prosperous future when the reader acts now to embrace change.

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Susan Fox is a freelance copywriter and small business consultant.