Not much hurts more than the sting of betrayal by a partner. If you suspect that your partner is cheating, know to look for the following signs that may indicate that your suspicion is correct.

1. A change in routine. If your partner suddenly no longer has time for your ritual Friday evening dinner or turns down your invitation to go out with your mutual friends, he or she may be making an effort to see someone else.

2. Your partner always has the perfect excuse. If you approach your partner about why he or she is suddenly changing plans or has no time for you, he or she may counter with an excuse about being over-burdened at the office or being exhausted from civic activities that will make you feel guilty for asking in the first place.

3. Your mutual friends become uneasy around you. Your partner's buddies may be aware of the situation and be unsure of how to continue to act nonchalant around you. They may opt to not talk to you to avoid any uncomfortable circumstances.

4. Changes in behavior, especially in public. If your partner suddenly insists that he or she is uncomfortable with public displays of affection, even holding hands, they may be attempting to appear available or to not be dating you while in public.

5. Sensitivity about his or her phone. Maybe while you used to be able to check the time on your partner's phone or help him or her finish a text message while they were driving, your partner is now extremely touchy about their cell phone and who sees it. Your partner may hold their phone close to their chest while texting so that you can't catch a glimpse and may leave the room to take a phone call.

6. Your partner's online profile changes. Your partner may remove the relationship status option from social networking sites and untag him or herself from pictures of the two of you kissing. An outsider looking in may not even know that you are a part of your partner's life.

7. Increased interest in hygiene. You always loved your boyfriend or husband, even if he reeked after the gym or didn't shower until the late afternoon on weekends. You may be appreciative if he begins to step up his game in terms of personal hygiene for no explained reason, but he may be attempting to impress another woman in the process.

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