1. Ignore whining:

Whining is a device used by the children to get a response from you. As long as you are responding the child continues to repeat it. The only solution is ignoring the whining altogether.

Even you can say that "I'm ignoring you when you use your whiny voice. Try again in your normal voice then listen to you."

2. Whine back.

Even if whine back using a bit of humor to cue her to notice her whining by showing what a whiny voice sounds like.

3. Stop her immediately:

When your child whines, say strait away that “Why do you whine. Tell me the same thing in your normal voice."

4. Reinforce Non-whining.

Encourage and help your child to learn whining substitute behavior. Recognize non whining persuasion practice and Praise and reward it. This reinforces the new learning and gradually the child stops whining altogether.

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