Just going about their day, trying to cover their bills...
Thats what most people do on a daily basis, just try to cover their bills.
So they go to their job, hope to please their boss(es) and then take home their paycheck. Shouldnt there be more to it than that??

Once in a while, someone might look up from the hussle and bustle of the proverbial "rat pack" and might say "Hey wait a sec, is this even what I want to be doing...because I dont feel terribly happy???" The person may then realize for a brief moment that they arent happy but hey, the next set of bills that need to be paid have arrived, so back to it! Back to the grind.

Well, I was there once upon a time...and I hated it! I hated every moment of it! I then decided that something had to change and I did change it. The purpose of this article isnt to make anyone feel bad. It's to make everyone open their eyes and ask the question: Is this what I really want?? It's sometimes a scary question to ask because it may mean that the answer is "no".
I commend people for supporting their families and making sure their bills are paid on time. I just also ask you to take a moment and decide if this is the way you REALLY want to be spending your time, your money and most importantly, your life??

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