There are countless ways to meditate, more than two hundred in India alone. Among these, one is based on science not tradition. It uses feedback – visual proof of attention to assure success. Here’s what you need to know.

Attention: The Key To Success

At first glance we see differences. There’s sitting and walking meditation, vocal and silent, eyes open, eyes closed. Methods vary, yet all work in the same way: attention brings success.

All forms of meditation focus attention (on mantras, movements, breaths, etc.). One, and only one method anchors attention, making success a sure thing. Here’s how feedback works.

How Feedback Creates A Sure Thing

First, what is feedback? Feedback is information – knowledge of results. Psychological research has proven it necessary for learning. This means that to improve at any skill, you need to see what you are doing.

Meditation’s skill is attention, but when it comes to attending, we simply can’t see what we are doing. We set out to attend (to our breath, a mantra, etc.), but soon find ourselves lost in daydreams.

Meditation’s problem is that we lose attention without knowing we are losing it. It slips away unseen. Standard methods offer no way to monitor attention. Like throwing darts blindfolded, if you can’t see your target you can’t improve your aim. Lack of feedback keeps us from meditation’s great rewards. The new method holds the solution.

See The Light: A Better Way To Meditate

Meditation needs feedback: visible proof of attention. The good news is: it’s surprisingly easy to find. Sensations of light have been noted in meditation since the ancient practice began. This light is feedback – proof of attention.

To see light you need only gaze at a spot and focus attention. Visual distortion (usually light) soon appears. The distortion is caused by attention itself when attention holds the eyes still. A fixed image uses up photo pigment, causing sensations of light. These are feedback signals. They mean you’re on target. Here’s the how to.

How To Anchor Attention With Feedback

Start with a target for attention. A two inch round of paper with a pea sized bull’s eye will do, but feedback comes faster with specially designed Focusing Discs freely available at the Straight Line Meditation site. Focusing Discs use colors to produce visual “intensity” effects - distortions that put on quite a show.

Focus with a gentle gaze on the bull’s eye. Feedback will appear. When it does, shift attention to the light. Attend to feedback and you’ll attend to attention itself. Hold on to feedback and you anchor attention. This creates straight line meditation – a direct route to your goal. Now consider the advantages of feedback.

Advantages Of Feedback

Compare the new to traditional methods and advantages are obvious.

* No Nebulous Instructions
Traditional meditation instruction is nebulous. (It’s even said there’s no right or wrong way to do it.) Feedback method instruction is explicit. The right way is clear. No guesswork is involved.

* No Wasted Practice Time
Unavoidable waste of practice time (time spent wandering) goes with traditional methods. You might daydream throughout a session. With feedback however, you can mind your mind. You can make every second pay off.

* Easy To Hold Attention
Holding attention without feedback is all but impossible since you can’t see what you are doing. With the new method, visual signals give continuous guidance.

* You Cover Ground Faster
Eliminate wandering and you cover ground fast. Feedback guides you straight to your goal.

* Fast Practice Skill Development
Practice skill builds automatically with the feedback necessary for learning. Just doing it, your power of concentration grows.

* Energized Relaxation
Feedback keeps you focused and on your toes. Sharp, clear, undivided attention leaves you relaxed and energized, not collapsed as often follows traditional practice.

* Higher Goals In Reach
With the feedback method, rest and relaxation are just the beginning. You can aim higher, fulfilling more of meditation’s promise.

* Guaranteed Success
Feedback is proof of attention, guaranteeing success. That makes this the one best way to meditate.

The One Best Way To Meditate

Spiritual traditions offer stores of wisdom. Masters in these traditions serve as living examples of enlightenment. When it comes to practice technique however, consistent success demands feedback. If you have a traditional practice, use feedback periodically to confirm attention. Check to be sure you’re on target.

Beginner or advanced success demands attention. Among hundreds of methods, only one guarantees it. Use feedback to see the light in more ways than one.

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