We live in a very abundant world - a world FULL of Infinite Possibilities! I find very often though, people are so busy just "surviving" they can't see the possibilities around them.

Why is this? When it is so evident to many of us that there are so many possibilities, why do so many people struggle and barely survive? I believe it is a result of the past conditioning, and limitations that so many of us have grown up with. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

-don't get your hopes up
-if it sounds too good to be true it probably is
-there's got to be something fishy about that
-save for a rainy day
-it won't last forever
-money doesn't grow on trees

I could go on and on, but that is far too depressing! These are the types of things that many of us heard growing up. Depending on your network of co-workers, family and friends - people you spend most of your time with - some of you may still be hearing these type of phrases (and hundreds of others) and actually believe them - because, you don't know any different.

That type of thinking is what is stopping you from living an extraordinary life - a life FULL of infinite possibilities. Limited beliefs of what you are capable of, past conditioning, thinking in terms of survival, rather than how abundant this world is, and how capable YOU are of achieving anything you desire - these thoughts are holding you back from living into your greatness, your full potential of infinite possibility!

But, you can CHANGE your thoughts. You CAN reprogram your thinking and eliminate the doubts, fears, anxiety or limitations you have had in the past. However, you must WANT to change your thinking and you must work at it. Our brains will believe anything we say to ourselves - good or bad. And it is 100% your CHOICE what you put into your brain.

What Steps Can You Take:

-Turn off your TV
-Stop reading the negativity in the news
-Surround yourself with positive people
-Study personal development, learn, grow, read, attend seminars, journal, expand your mind, challenge your current thinking.

Look at the limiting beliefs that you personally have right now, and ask yourself - "what benefit does it provide me to believe this statement"? When you really look at this, you will find these statements are not serving you, they are holding you back. It is then your choice to continue on this path of self limitation, or to create a new path.

When you change your thoughts - you change your life. Positive thoughts give off positive energy, that will allow you to see the infinite possibilities that are all around you, and be able to take advantage of them! It is almost like a rebirth - a new opportunity, a second chance. The thoughts that you plant in your mind are the "seeds". The more you water these "seeds" of positive thought, the more they will take root and bear the fruit (or results) that you desire. When you understand this principle, it is so simple to stand above the crowd and reach for the stars...those infinite possibilities!

Author's Bio: 

Debbie has been a successful entrepreneur since 1987, specializing in personal development, the law of attraction and creating successful home businesses. She is passionate about teaching people success strategies they can apply to improve results in every area of their lives, and personally mentors individuals in starting their own business - that want to be a part of a socially conscious company that is taking an active stand for true human potential.

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