It hardly seems possible that it's almost mid-September.

I don't think I really was paying much attention until all the stores are selling school supplies, and then I took notice. School? Already?

Yup, our street will be really quiet with all the kiddos back in class.

That also means everyone starts thinking about fall. And when you think about fall you think it's time to really get cracking and get back to work on your business.

I have to say, I like slower summers. I purposely end my groups about June. I have created a new program, a daily accountability program which is quite cool. I got 4 new wonderful clients.

It's a fallacy to think that no business happens in the summer. I know a lot of people believe that, but I don't.

Yes, in some ways it is slower, which is great.

It also gives you time to really look at your business. How is it going? What needs to be added, subtracted, improved, or invented?

How is your Team running? Don't have Team, that's fine but at some point you really will need to hire someone to help you. You truly can't build a solid business alone. You need at least one person to help you do the things you don't know how to do and have no desire to learn. (Or shouldn't take the time to learn!)

You also need a coach. You need someone to help you learn the tips and tricks of building a business. I know you might think that will cost too much but believe me, in the long run it will save you time and money. There are plenty of great coaches out there for you to choose from.

As summer comes to a close, what are your plans? What have you done this summer? What questions do you have? What do you need help with?

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