In earlier times, humans were dependent on themselves for doing any sort of work. For instance, if they want to connect with someone then they have to go and meet that person personally to talk or share their views. But now the time has changed its way to the advanced way. We, humans, are more than happy to see this change as time has given us a beautiful chance to develop ourselves.

Let’s start with the meaning of technology. Technology is a part of our lifestyle, we can’t imagine our lives without technology. We can say that the ease of getting things done by technology is inhabited in our DNAs. In today's generation, the newborn baby within a few months likes to watch things on the phone and they know where to open and close the existing interface of any application on an iPad or iPhone. There used to be a time when children didn’t know how to operate a kid’s toy and probably failed at it.

With advancements in technology, there is also an advancement in the growth of individuals. And today everything is possible in this era of technology. Almost everything has been automated and with AI being developed so rigorously, in the future we wouldn’t need humans to do our work. In fact, this is happening in the field of the IT sector as in software testing, automation testing has been implemented to test the software product. Therefore, technology is replacing humans in the workplace. Practically, organizations are adapting automation testing for the sake of their business growth. This technology takes enterprises to the next level where they have increased their performance and reliability and reduced their operating cost.

But we all know that if we get more than what is needed then there would always be trouble for us. Like if we eat in excess then for sure we have to face a problem. Similarly, in the case of technology, excess to anything definitely delivers.

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