Sexuality. The word in its self can conjure up social warfare quicker than say the endless debates between two enthusiastic fans of the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at a bar and enjoying a friendly beer. After religion and politics, sexuality is one subject matter a questioner can receive 107 different opinions from 100 people. Why is sexuality such a hot button topic and why open this can of worms? Simply, because finding answers in the physical world of science and psychology to such a complex issues such as homosexuality, transgender-ism and other sexual related issues have been difficult at best to find. So far the medical community along with religious and special interest groups representing numerous groups on every side of the issue really don't have a clue either.

We find in the study of the human sexual condition mankind tends to change with the wind. What was acceptable yesterday has become passe today and as to the future, we can only offer conjecture as people are as different as their fingerprints. We can introduce historical studies and our understanding concerning what was normal and acceptable eons ago. Immediately what comes to mind is the picture of a caveman, club in one hand and over his shoulder his captured prey, the object of his desire a woman. Today, the same picture may be a cave woman, club in hand carrying another woman. Just the thought of what was practiced and condoned back in time and how things have changed can make you laugh or cry or just sit and wonder how we made it this far in evolution.

Sexuality has been targeted and molded since the early days of modern man by religions, governments and society. On one side of the spectrum, religion has dictated sexual practice to be between one man and one woman and for the purpose of spreading man's seed across the earth and has been so far successful. Government on the other hand such as the U.S.S.R. took the state view of limited to no public expression of enjoyment and made the act a behind the doors secret. The communist state created a society of stoic people with very narrow sexual permissions. The commonality here appeared to be both the state and religion harbored a desire to grow the population with defined limitations but for different purposes. Religion's has been a mission to populate the earth and spread a particular religion. Government on the other hand set goals for the purpose of increasing their tax base. These are not theories but government doctrine written by bureaucrats right here in the United States in order to increase spending and a promote a method to pay for it. Also common between the two, was a disdain for those who did not fit the normal. There were special places such as jails, mental institutions for those who did not adhere to the current state or religious morals. Worst yet, people targeted and demanded these people disdained by their religions and governments be separated from society without regard to their final outcome.
If you are open minded and have had the opportunity to research religions around the world you might have noticed a commonality for many and a lack of it. A real oxymoron. The commonality is the subject of reincarnation, its existence and relationship to the spirituality of man. There is a basic thought process among those researching reincarnation that man has experienced many life cycles on this earth. Considering an average life span of 40 years this would mean most of us, both men and women have experienced anywhere between 75 to 100 individual life cycles. Image the information, experiences, the loves and losses we have experienced during each of these life cycles. With that said, western religions have tended not to not support the reincarnation concept due to religious dogma while most eastern based religions do. Even prior to the formation of organized religion in the west, reincarnation was strongly supported by and accepted. Recognizing reincarnation provides a method or process for multiple life experiences resulting in personal spiritual growth and a deeper knowledge of one's existence. Furthermore reincarnation can provide for a much better understanding of the Supreme Being and the actual relationship of spiritual existence and attainment of total enlightenment. Western religious doctrine has determined the concept of man returning to earth multiple times to be abhorrent and against theological ideals. The idea a man can create sin yet be granted future life cycles for atonement unacceptable. They fail to recognize the great potential for spiritual growth and knowledge attained over many lifetimes rather than just one. The thought process appears to be control rather than individual self-determination and self spiritual growth. The more experienced reader here might say, and rightfully so this appears to parallel the beliefs of Scientology as that religion does believe in reincarnation I do not align this theory to any eastern or western religion but never the less existing and for purpose.

I would like to address the relationship between reincarnation and sexuality and how it may provide an insight to the sexual condition referred to as homosexuality. Few if any reincarnation theorists have addressed the issue of reincarnation and its possible relationship to man's sexuality and sexual tendencies. Believers in reincarnation can make the claim of young people speaking in foreign tongues, or recognize people or know facts concerning science, mathematics or physics they have not been exposed to as being evidence of prior existence. People under a deep state of meditation orhypnosis claim past lives in quite the detail. Some even recalling ancient languages and cultures long dead. Those born with unique abilities tend to lose these fragments of a prior existence as the world noise consumes and fills their conscience and sub-conscience. By the earliest of ages all is long forgotten and buried so deep it becomes unrecognizable. The point here if one can recall experiences and events from prior life cycles, why not also be influenced by past life sexuality and sexual identification?
For example, take a man or a woman experiencing a particular sexuality in one or multiple subsequent life cycles and then returning gender opposite? I believe this condition exists and provides for a residual side effect causing gender issues such as homosexuality, lesbianism and a litany of other sexuality terms. Besides life and death, sexually is one of man's greatest drive mechanisms. I believe people have little responsibility for these gender issues which follow throughout their lives. Here I try to propose a theory and not be judgmental. Some would say God would not allow such errors in the life cycle process. I contend man in the physical and spiritual existence is a self-determination being and reasons do exist for everything and anything happening. Some might claim it is a rounding out or balancing out process as each sex offers two different spectrum.

There was a time, not in the so distance past, scientists, religious leaders and medical professionals expressed a belief people experiencing gender issues had psychological problems. It was said people made a conscience decision as to their own their sexuality and had the responsibility to accept personal blame for such feelings and actions. They were "sick" people scorned by the religious culture, the general public and misunderstood within the medical community. As most in the medical know but will not admit, they have failed in "curing" gender issues and if anything have made the subject even matter more confusing for all involved. Today, we are being advised gender identification is a "born" into sexuality issue people experiencing and a issue they have no control over. And I agree.

With the current issues the world is experiencing it could be said the human race coming quickly to the end. Can we suppose for a moment we have run our course and many of the mental and physical problems being experienced are just an accumulation of all we have experienced in our accumulated life cycles? That our cup is running over and providing mixed signals to our conscience and sub-conscience minds? These are questions requiring additional research and open minded thinking. Please remember most of man's future understandings and accomplishments originated from theories proposed and at the time deemed preposterous.

W. Richard Hoffman

Author's Bio: 

I am a life long educator of man, his religions and relationships with his fellow man. A believer in multiple life cycles in order for man to achieve his full potential in the eyes of GOD. An Edgar Cayce true believer in his work and theories and continue to examine and research those ideas for the betterment of man.

President and Founder of WRHoffman and Associates for the purpose of developing programs enhancing spirituality. Provides prior life regression for the purpose of finding reasons for phobias and other life problems and issues. I am a life long proponent of reincarnation and believe it is the true way to total enlightenment and understanding life and GOD.